Ḥizb ut-Taḥrīr in Pakistan releases new statement: "Ḥizb ut-Taḥrīr is a political party and has no connection with militancy"

NOTE: Ḥizb ut-Taḥrīr (The Party of Liberation) is a Sunni pan-Islamist movement whose goal is to unite the Muslim ummah (community) and reinstate the Caliphate (al-khilāfah). Once the Caliphate is reinstated, the government would be ruled by Islamic law (sharī’ah) with the Caliph (khalīfah) being the head of state elected by a shūrā (consultation) council. Ḥizb ut-Taḥrīr was founded in 1953 in Jerusalem by Taqī ad-Dīn al-Nabhānī who was an Islamic scholar (‘ālim). Currently, Ḥizb ut-Taḥrīr is located in more than forty countries and is especially active in the United Kingdom and maintains a branch in the United States. The statement is unedited below.

بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Press Release
Date: 25th Rajab 1431 AH / 6th July 2010 CE
NO: PR10039
Hizb ut-Tahrir is a political party and has no connection with militancy
Hizb ut-Tahrir will continue its non-militant struggle to establish the Khilafah
Once again Hizb ut-Tahrir’s name is being printed in various newspapers along with other militant organizations in order to portray Hizb as a militant outfit. Furthermore failed efforts are being made to link Hizb with terrorism. In these American endeavours Punjab government is seen working hand in glove with the Federal government.
Hizb ut-Tahrir condemns these nefarious plans and evil endeavours and reiterates that such allegations will not be able to deter Hizb from its non-violent struggle for the reestablishment of the Khilafah. Hizb ut-Tahrir’s writ against its illegal banning is still pending before the High Court for the past four years. This writ is a challenge for the “independent Judiciary” of Pakistan.
The current democratically elected Punjab government is no better than the Musharraf regime which was known for its subservience to America. Rather they are completely allied to an agent like Zardari in his anit-Islamic policies carried out under the guise of fighting “terrorism”. Currently, like the Federal government, the Punjab government is also dancing on the American tune that is working day and night to eradicate Islam from this region.
After the Lahore blast, as we had forewarned the Ummah, the government immediately started its activities against the Islamic groups and Madaris (Islamic seminaries) as if she was waiting for the blast. This is the part of the strategy which the US devised for this region after 9/11.
According to the policy all those elements were to be crushed which can pose any resistance in the US hegemony of the region or secularisation of its people. Hence efforts began to alienate the Ummah from all those who loved Jihad or the Islamic parties who were working to uproot this Kufr system with non-violent means by declaring them terrorist and then to crush them.
Not only this, the curriculum of all the schools were further secularised and work began to even change the curriculum of the Madaris. After crushing those who had the ability to posed any resistance in the Tribal region, America wants to move to Punjab and the Punjab government is completely in cahoots with them.
Furthermore the rulers are trying to link Hizb with militancy because they know that it is the Hizb that exposes colonialist plans before the Ummah and has the capability to establish the Khilafah by uprooting the kufr capitalist system. This is the US plan for whose implementation US agencies are busy conducting bomb blasts in order to provide government the necessary justification for operation.
The perpetual wave of terrorism in Pakistan started with US’s arrival and will end with its departure; there is no doubt about this in the minds of the people. The government is neglecting the obligation to eject US from the region. Hence the Ummah and the people of power will have to take this responsibility upon themselves. The Ummah should undertake non-violent and political steps to stop America’s supply line passing through Pakistan. No matter if they have to block the GT Road or socially boycott the owners of the tankers to achieve this objective. America’s supply line is her lifeline, cutting which we can easily eject US from the region.
Naveed Butt
Official Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan