As-Saḥāb presents new video statement from Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri: "Al-Quds [Jerusalem] Will Not Be Judaized”

NOTE: Flashpoint Partners released a transcript of  Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri’s most recent video message titled: “Al-Quds [Jerusalem] Will Not Be Judaized”. Here is a brief abstract of the transcript and below it is the entire transcript:

In an audiotape titled “Jerusalem Will Not Be Judaized”, produced by As-Sahab and released on July 19, 2010, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri addressed President Obama: “O’ Obama, whether you admit or not, the Muslims have defeated you in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they will defeat you—and the powers that brought you—soon Inshallah in Palestine, Somalia, and the Islamic Maghreb. Not only will you be defeated militarily and economically, but also, most importantly, you were defeated morally and constituently.” He harshly criticized Muslims who applauded Obama’s speech in Cairo despite the fact that “His criminal, invasive forces were occupying Afghanistan, Iraq and the Gulf, and wide ranges in Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, the Islamic Maghreb and Yemen…” He then argues that “we are the greatest reason in losing Palestine because some of us are requesting to unify with the Arab Zionists and call them with prefixes like brother and president…to the end of these falsehoods, in which they realize their own lies.” For Zawahiri, “Arab Zionists are more dangerous…than the Jewish Zionists. Who is sanctioning our people in Gaza and circulates them with a metal wall underground? Who? Isn’t it the head of the Arab Zionists Husni Mubarak?…And who is helping the Mossad in killing the mujahideen and imprisoning them? Isn’t he the Arab Zionist Mahmoud Abbas?” He counsels that “we first have to liberate ourselves in order to liberate what is outside of it; we will not liberate our homelands if we are weak slaves with our fear, incompetence, greed and delusions, with the incompetent rulers and the greedy leaders and the scheming cooperatives and the apostate sheikhs.”

Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri- “Jerusalem Will Not Be Judaized”
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