al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula's al-Malāḥim Media releases Inspire Magazine Issue #2

UPDATE 3: Below is an Arabic translation of the second issue of Inspire Magazine via Anṣār al-Mujāhidīn Arabic Forum, which was released in English on October 11. It took two and a half months between the release of the first Inspire Magazine and it being published in Arabic. This time, it only took a month and a half. Not sure if it means anything, but thought it should be mentioned.

Click here: Inspire Magazine 2 (Arabic)

UPDATE 2: Ribāṭ Media has translated Samīr Khān’s article “I am proud to be a traitor to America” into Urdu.
Click here: Samir Khan — I Am Proud to be a Traitor to America

UPDATE: Check out the analysis of Inspire from the following individuals: Christopher Anzalone, Gregory D. Johnsen, Jarret Brachman, Aaron WeisburdThomas HegghammerYassin MusharbashBrian O’Neill, and J.M. Berger.

NOTE: al-Malāḥim Media, al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) media outfit, released the second issue of the English language magazine called “Inspire,” which features an essay by Samīr Khān titled “I am proud to be a traitor to America” as well as a new article from Anwar al ‘Awlaqī titled “The New Mardin Declaration.” This for all intents and purposes confirms that Khān is behind the magazine, which many individuals believed when the first issue was released June 30. The first issue featured interviews with the amīr (leader) of AQAP Abū Basīr (Nāṣir al-Wūḥayshī) and Anwar al ‘Awlaqī. After the magazines success, it was translated into Arabic September 10. Unlike the first issue, there was no corruption in the file when the second one was released.
The release of a second magazine further illustrates the rising influence of Americans in al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula as well as their continued outreach to the English-language Muslim world. Further, it shows the diversity of content released by al-Malāḥim Media. In the past month for example, al-Malāḥim Media has released a new biography in their martyrs series, a new video (“By the Lord of the Ka’abah, I Triumphed [Part 2]”) that highlighted ‘Abdullah Haṣan al-’Asīrī, who attempted, but failed to kill Saudi Arabian prince Muhammad bin Nayef in August 2009, who is in charge of the de-radicalization of jihadists, and an audio tribute by Shaykh Ibrāhīm bin Sulaymān al-Rubaysh for Zayyid al-Daghārī al-’Awlaqī. For more on al-Malāḥim Media, read Christopher Anzalone’s recent analysis of it in comparison to al-Qā’idah Central’s media outlet As-Saḥāb. When I get the chance to read Khān and ‘Awlaqī’s articles as well as anything else of interest, I will try and provide some analysis. For now, below is the second issue of Inspire Magazine.

Click link to download a safe PDF version of the magazine: Inspire Magazine 2