English translation of article by Abū Aḥmad: “The Oddities Of The Karzai Parliament!” from Issue #60 of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s al-Ṣamūd Magazine

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On 14 June 2011, Hama Sultani, the representative for Ghazni province in Karzai’s Council of Deputies, claimed that she had been for some time hosting in her home the leader of the Islamic Emirate along with 12 top military commanders from the Islamic Emirate and that she had requested from this leader a resolution of the Afghan crisis through the conduct of peaceful negotiations with the administration of Hamed Karzai. She claimed that this leader agreed with her peaceful
ideas and he is now awaiting a response from the Karzai government and, for that purpose, is now staying at her house. Anyone who doubts her story can go to her house and see with his own eyes the leader of the Islamic Emirate.
Hama al-Sultani made these statements before the Council of Deputies and a large gathering of correspondents, news agencies and journalists and stated that she 12 times had gone to the Republican Palace with a letter from the Emirate’s leader to Hamed Karzai to conduct peace talks with him but Karzai didn’t want to do that and didn’t believe her statements. Hama Sultani’s comments created a great uproar in the media and on the local satellite networks who conducted multiple interviews with her on this issue. She insists that she is playing host to the Ameer ul-Momineen and twelve of his top ranking military commanders in her home.
The impact of these fantastical comments reached the point where the Islamic Emirate was forced to issue a statement to expose this laughable rumor as a lie. But the perpetrator of these claims is adamant in sticking to her comments and refutes the Islamic Emirate statement on the matter.
When asked by a journalist about the nature of her relationship with the leader of the movement, Hama replied that she became acquainted with him through Abdul Baseer, who is also a parliament deputy from Kunduz province. She claims that the above-mentioned individual was one of the leaders of the Taliban during the movement’s rule in Afghanistan and that later a strong acquaintance developed between them to the point that he came to her house and is now living with her in her house in the capital.
Hama Sultani, who is a Shia woman in her forties, kept the media busy for more than three weeks with her crazy statements and still insists that the Taliban leader is living with her with the purpose of conducting peace talks with the government of Hamed Karzai but that the Karzai government doesn’t want that.
What is even stranger than that is the other group of those deputies against whom was issued an order of expulsion from the Deputies’ chamber because of their fraud in the parliament elections of 2011 and who barricaded themselves in the parliament building, bringing in 140 persons as their armed supporters in rejecting the decision.
An armed group of deputies!!! Led by Zaher Qadeer and calling itself “Defenders of the Law” whose sessions threaten the head of the lackey government Karzai and address him in their media addresses as an agent of the Americans and violator of the law.
These are the stupid mentalities and fantastical ideas of the members of Karzai’s parliament which make small children laugh at their naiveté and idiocy. And these are the ones who regard themselves as running parliament’s affairs and constituting the legal representatives of the Muslim Afghan people.
The Americans are the ones who brought these crazy ideas to the parliament chamber through fraudulent elections on which the United Nations spent 120 million US dollars and 50,000 foreign soldiers were used to conduct them, and all local and global media instruments were used to publicize and promote, etc, etc…
Yes, the enemies impose such odious and frivolous people on Islamic peoples in order to purchase them at a cheap price and use them for the benefit of colonialism when and how they want, not only in Afghanistan but unfortunately throughout the Islamic world.
Translated From The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: Al-Somood Magazine Issue #60 (May-June 2011)