New statement from Fataḥ al-Islām: "On the Martyrdom of the Amīr of Fataḥ al-Islām in the Land of Bilād ash-Shām Abū Ḥussām ash-Shāmī"

UPDATE 9/11/12 10:06 PM: Here is an English translation of the below Arabic statement:
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It is time for the knight to rest… Departure of the Amir of Fatih Al-Islam Organization in Bilad Al-Sham… Mujahid sheikh Abu Hussam Al-Shami
Alhamdulillah who legitimized for His slaves jihad and defending of the honors, and made the swords of the believers raised in the faces of the people Kufr, rejection and avoidance, and peace and blessings be upon His prophet the laughing slayer who said: “The best life is that of the man who holds his horse’s rein in Allah’s way and flies on its back to the places from whence he hears a war cry or the clatter of arms, seeking martyrdom or slaughter on the battlefield”. Narrated by Muslim.
The caravans of martyrdom continue one after another, and this Ummah is still prolific offering its best sons and the elite of its men for the sake of giving pride the religion and supporting the oppressed slaves of Allah and seeking to defeat the unjust Tawagit.
And to confirm the saying of the Almighty: (Of the believers are men who are true to the covenant which they made with Allah: so of them is he who accomplished his vow, and of them is he who yet waits, and they have not changed in the least) 23 Surah Al-Ahzab.
Fatih Al-Islam Organization in Bilad Al-Sham mourns to the people of Islam in general and Syria in particular, the martyrdom of Amir of Fatih Al-Islam Organization in Bilad Al-Sham Mujahid sheikh Abu Hussam Al-Shami (Abdul-Aziz Al-Korkali) rahimahullah and may He accept him in the martyrs.
The hero Abu Hussam departed raising the banner of Tawhid on the proud land of Sham fighting for the sake of Allah Almighty – we reckon him to be so and we do not recommend anyone before Allah -, he rahimahullah was one of those who work in quietly, and he has departed – may Allah praise him – quietly, and he always made Dua that he be sincere, he didn’t record an audio, or have a picture taken for him, and he was very eager for his security.
It is like Bishr Al-Hafi mourned him by saying: “It is sufficient that some dead people revive the hearts by mentioning them” and that is the blood of the martyr as we knew it in the fields of jihad… “A light and fire” A light to glow the path for us to continue the march and a fire on the enemies of Allah that open for them the doors of hell fire…
The mujahid hero Abu Hussam was a torch of activity that doesn’t goes off, going from one battlefield to another, and from one front to another in our beloved Sham, and he departed to his Lord when he attained full strength and reached 40 years, which he spent most of his life in the fields of pride and dignity and the factories heroism and championship.
He was harmed for the sake of Allah many times, and was arrested by the agencies Nusayri Tagut and its intelligence and aerial intelligence several times, and he tasted the pain of prison, bitterness of imprisonment, being far away from the family and loved ones and his prison only made him more solid and energetic in the jihad of this criminal regime.
Ask about him throughout the Golan, the plateaus of Daraa, Damascus neighborhoods and the groves of Al-Ghouta, this is its pure soil that witness that it was watered by his pure blood, and thus the tree of Khilafah only stands on the blood of the heroes.
Our martyr has departed to his Lord patient Murabit after a clash in an ambush that was set by the aggressive regime forces in Al-Sham on the Damascus – Daraa road after he was steadfast and refused to surrender to the enemies of Allah to tempt him from his Tawhid and jihad.
Let the mourning women cry on those similar to Abu Hussam, he departed in humility so that tears be shed on him and the decision of the matter, before and after these events is only with Allah, and all matters return to Allah.
O’ Allah accept him a martyr for your sake, and grant him happily the highest Firdaus , and aid us to carry the banner after him unerringly.
Fatih Al-Islam Organization
Tuesday 17 Shawal 1433 A.H.
Corresponding 2 September 2012

Click the following link for a safe PDF copy: Fataḥ al-Islām — “On the Martyrdom of the Amīr of Fataḥ al-Islām in the Land of Bilād ash-Shām Abū Ḥussām ash-Shāmī”