New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: "Swift and Appropriate Action Demanded to Deal with Abū Manṣūr al-Amrīkī"

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
Mombasa (29/03/2013) – MYC in Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia together with the majority of Mujahideen in Kenya have taken the prudent step to offer counsel to our committed and sincere Muhaajireen brothers to request from our beloved Amir Sheikh Abu Zubeyr that Al-Shabaab immediately considers swift and appropriate action against Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki for his persistence in fomenting dissent both within the ranks of Mujahideen in Somalia and with Al-Shabaab followers outside Somalia.
For over a year, Abu Mansoor has continued to use his self-propelled “popularity” to engineer confusion and attempt to discredit senior Al-Shabaab leaders. More recently and sinister, Abu Mansoor has being trying without success to sow discord among our brothers in Al-Qaeda. It is now time that Abu Mansoor’s megalomania is dealt with swiftly and appropriately. His public display of petulance and obvious disregard for the global vision of Jihad must be addressed decisively.
Like any Mujahideen, Abu Mansoor is entitled to raise legitimate concerns as a Muhaajireen within Al-Shabaab or with like-minded Mujahideen organizations like Al Qaeda. His communication to our beloved Amir Sheikh Abu Baseer in AQAP was initially seen as a dignified and honest way to seek redress to his “greviances”. But in true Abu Mansoor fashion he refused to accept the wise counsel of the Amir in AQAP.  Irritated and unable to accept the truth from Yemen, Abu Mansoor has endlessly resorted to both private and public criticism of our brothers in AQAP.
Recently, in Kenya, Abu Mansoor has been using social media to spread false reports about the situation of the Mujahideen from Kenya in Somalia. He erroneously claims East Africans are living in fear under Al-Shabaab and many senior Kenyan Mujahideen have fled Somalia to unilaterally start Jihad in East Africa. Nothing can be further from the truth: MYC and many other East Africans remain committed to Jihad, inside Somalia and beyond with the support and guidance of Al-Shabaab and AQEA. Attempts by Abu Mansoor to poison the minds of our cubs and lions will not be tolerated by MYC and should not be allowed by our brothers in Al-Shabaab and Al Qaeda.
With the grace of Allah, the Mujahideen are moving forward with their objective and vision of liberating Somalia from under the occupation of the Kuffar. Only recent did the brave Mujahideen of Al-Shabaab militarily dislodge Ethiopian troops from Hudur. It was of great surprise and regrettable to read on Twitter that Abu Mansoor was seeking to claim credit for this great victory claiming to have sent our beloved Sheikh Robow. Surely, such a misrepresentation by Abu Mansoor warrants decisive action.
While sad and unfortunate, the era of Abu Mansoor as an inspirer and inciter for those seeking to embrace Jihad is over, and Al-Shabaab must now put an end to Abu Mansoor’s public stunts.
We ask that Allah continue to give Amir Abu Zubeyr and our beloved Mujahideen in AQAP wisdom and patience.
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