New statement from al-Qā’idah in the Islamic Maghrib's Shaykh Aḥmad Abū 'Abd al-Ilah: "Shout of the People Moaning Behind the Wall: To All the Worlds Free People"

By the name of God the Merciful 

Perhaps many of the world’s free people who reject the injustice haters of dictatorship, do not know the truth of what is really happening on the Algeria’s land, Behind the Iron wall imposed by the last military system on the earth, where the absence of the fair media channels and the fair neutral reporters who deliver the truth to the audience, as experienced by the tortured people in Algeria.

Yes, it is the bitter truth, Algerian people today is the only people who did not get their rights of honest  media, and the Media Diversity prevailing in all countries of the world, this oppressed people is the only people who do not have the right of flow higher Internet, to communicate with the rest of the peoples to achieve the purpose  of the human being existence, that is, socializing as he says: (O you people, I have created you from a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes so that the sight of God) ….

Also, this people is the only one in the world who don’t permit for his sond to establish a media channel against  ruling system unless it is  outside the borders of Algeria. 

 and Algerian journalist is the only one in the world today, who can’t tell the truth, cause he will not be safe at the same night in his house and not being tortured from the  regime secret service’s people, as Algeria is the only country in the world who its people don’t  breeze the freedom,

Except in n the mountains and jungles or outside the borders of Algeria, the only country that you know the results before the elections 

And changing the law and the Constitution with every governor, the only country which you can’t sue the president, the minister and the officer

So the result was the assassination of the people behind the wall of silence and poverty,

With the complicity of the major capitals that haunt young thieves, and opens its banks and economy for big thieves and as a result was a corruption in the country. 

Perhaps a lot of observers are wondering about the secret of the delay of the revolution in Algeria, and the fact that unknown to many of them that the uprising of the people on the injustice of the government did not stop one day, as referred to daily strikes in all sectors, but her voice remained muted behind a wall of the monopoly of the media, which prevents the sound or the image to be transferred to express the boiling of the people’s feelings outside the walls of Algeria.In front of the insistence of the military regime in Algeria to prevent the entry of the third generation of the Internet for service and preventing media pluralism we call upon all the free world to lift this injustice for this oppressed people and support their right to inform the qualitative and multi-along the lines of the peoples of the region and the world by pushing on the Algerian regime criminal who collect on people crime against wealth and a crime against the minds of children by depriving them of the advantages of modern technology and openness to the peoples of the world .

Sheikh Ahmed Abu Abdul Elah
Chairman of the

Al-Andalus Media Foundation