New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: "On Abū Manṣūr al-Amrīkī"

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
Korogwe (14/09/2013) – MYC in Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia have been following the recent reports in the media regarding the fate of Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki. On immediately hearing the reports, MYC contacted a senior Kenyan Mujahid in Somalia to confirm the accuracy of the reports.  On 13 September 2013, we received a response that strongly suggests the reports of Al-Amriki’s fate are accurate.
For over two years MYC has been a strong critic of Al-Amriki. In this time, we have campaigned for appropriate and swift action against him in his relentless attempt to divide Al-Shabaab and malign our beloved Amir Sheikh Abu Zubeyr (May Allah protect him for the Mujahideen in East Africa).
While many Mujahideen in East Africa will hold strong reservations regarding the reported fate of Al-Amriki, we urge those Mujahideen to fear Allah and honestly reflect on who Al-Amriki was and who he regrettably became during his final days as a member of the “Muhaajireen”. For those that need reminding:
There can be no doubt that Al-Amriki took Hijra to Somalia to carry out Allah’s work in defense of a land under siege by feral Kuffars supported by their apostates helpers. Over the years, with Allah’s blessings he continued to grow in stature amongst the Mujahideen in East Africa and beyond. But with stature comes humility, a virtue that Al-Amriki obviously struggled with until his sad end. Rather than show humility, he embarked on a journey of self-promotion coupled with arrogance that led to insubordination in Al-Shabaab.
At a time when our beloved Amir Sheikh Abu Zubeyr expected members of the Muhaajireen to unite under their shared conviction of defeating the Kuffar in Somalia, Al-Amriki consciously opted to sow discord within the Muhaajireen. Under the pretext of raising concerns over Al-Shabaab’s battle strategy and its overall direction of Jihad in East Africa, Al-Amriki began a personal, bitter and slanderous campaign against the beloved Amir of Al-Shabaab. With slanders to the right of him and unfound allegations to the left of him by Al-Amriki our beloved Amir Sheikh Abu Zubeyr blessed by Allah with patience and wisdom remained silent, composed and focused on Allah’s work of defeating the crusaders in Somalia.
In true Al-Amriki fashion to maintain his public presence, he sent out protests in various forms to the Mujahideen in AQAP and Al Qaeda with one objective: to discredit our humble Amir Abu Zubeyr and thus proving the “protests” and “concerns” were nothing but personal. Not content with the response and counsel from the wise Amirs in AQAP and Al Qaeda, Al-Amriki took to Twitter to entertain Kuffars and apostates alike with rumours and “reports” about “internal discussions” within Al-Shabaab. In an act of desperation, attempts were also made to influence the Mujahideen in East Africa with falsehoods about the situation in Somalia and the Amir of Al-Shabaab.
In the end, Al-Amriki’s road to self-destruction was culminated with him reportedly saying he had severed all links with Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda. Such an audacious statement was akin to declaring he intended to betray the Mujahideen in Somalia. Ultimately, betrayal has a price.
In our tweets and official statements we have repeatedly stated that no Mujahid is bigger than Jihad. Regrettably, Al-Amriki was deluded enough to believe his fame, and the respect he commanded would be suffice to make him indispensible when it came to Jihad in Somalia. It came down to Jihad in Somalia or Al-Amriki.
We ask Allah to forgive Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki for his misguidedness and judge him accordingly.
Press Office