New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's Qārī' Yusuf Aḥmadī: "Remarks Regarding the 12th Year of the Inhumane American Prison (Guantánamo)"

The twelfth year of the symbol of American savagery, the infamous Guantanamo prison, arrives as there are still up to 150 innocent Muslims still locked up behind cages and in solitary confinements.
The inmates inside this prison spend their days and nights in hunger, thirst and unimaginable misery. Neither did the America chief Obama take any steps in the closure of this infamous prison which he had talked about in his initial years nor has any self proclaimed Human Right organization heard the voices of the oppressed inmates. The American criminals have committed various types of torture and suppression against the oppressed prisoners for the past twelve years yet no one ever cared about their peaceful hunger strikes and neither did anyone take any practical steps to free them from their depressing condition. We once again call on the Islamic Conference and all other international human right organizations, due to the principal of human sympathy and their own moral obligation, to force the America tyrants to close this notorious prison, release the innocent inmates being held without any criminal charges and prove their slogans of humanitarian concern and human rights are not simply empty rhetoric that Americans preach to other countries but fail to practice themselves.
We believe that the tortuous treatment of the innocent prisoners of Guantanamo has reached its utmost extent. The barbarity of Guantanamo is a blot on moral conscience of the international community. It is time for the international community to compel the closure of this prison and finally put an end to this barbarity which has no equal in human history.


Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Qari Muhammad Yusuf Ahmadi

19/3/1435 Lunar Hijri

31/11/1392 Solar Hijri                    21/1/2014 Gregorian