2 Replies to “al-Ḥayāt Media Center presents a new video message from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shām: "There Is No Life Without Jihad"”

  1. This and the previous recruiting video have been totally informative, while being such total opposites in spirit. It’s incredible, yet logical, that they come from the same sources, ISIS. The first, showing the brutality of warfare with complete embrace, the second, showing these decent, find young guys who have been utterly brainwashed.
    This shows us a more complicated picture of ISIS and extreme Islam than many people could have predicted. Somehow, otherwise decent people are being corrupted. Vulnerable people, people on the margins of their society, are finding a meaning and purpose in extremism and ultimately being pounded with concepts by religious leaders with an interest in war. Amazing phenomena.

  2. stupid brainwashed young guys betraying their own counties. I do have a massage for you all, you stupid bastards. You’re not far from Kurdish peshmerga, they will get to you soon and they will send you to “jaheem” hell one by one you mother fuckers. and when they do I’ll come to your grave, piss and shit on you I promise. Remember you mother fuckers We are Kurds not fucking Arabs. We don’t afraid of dying just like you, and we are ready to die for Kurds and Kurdistan. Therefore we will kill ISIS one by one. Your death isn’t gonna be an easy one like you describe it we promise you. And we will make example out of you for the rest of those who dare to try and invade Kurdistan. Fuck ISIS, fuck jihadist, fuck you all. BZHI KURD BZHI KURDISTAN.

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