Poem by Online Jihādi Mourning the Death of AQC #3 Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid

You are a real hero
O Mustafa Abu Yazid
You spent your whole life fighting
Until you fell down Shaheed
You are a real terror
Against America
You sent their soldiers running
With shots of your Pee-Ka
You are a real Mujahid
To Allah you belong
Never did you give up
You were firm and you were strong
You are a Freedom Fighter
A Lion of Islam
You finally left this Dunya
And joined the Caravan
You are very lucky
To gain the Shahadah
Married to the Hooris
In the Gardens of Jannah
With the Lions that have fallen
In Kitaeb-ul-Qassam
Chechnya and Kashmir
Iraq and Afghanistan
Asadullah Alshishani salutes you
And he prays for the day
That he meets you in Jannah
And is killed as a Fidaye
And I pray
For the day, O that day
When I’m killed as a Fidaye
Audio File of Poem: https://bit.ly/atQXEH (FLV File)