Coronavirus in Syria

General Articles:

November 11:

Stigma and discrimination against COVID-19 patients in Syria

April 28:

Syria: Aid Restrictions Hinder Covid-19 Response

April 12:

Coronavirus reduces remittances and threatens to upend Syria’s economy

April 9:

Syrian camps brace for potential COVID-19 outbreak

How will coronavirus affect Syria’s fragile economy?

Online stories to entertain children during Coronavirus quarantine

April 8:

Syrian doctors on front lines of COVID-19 fight around the world

April 3:

Religious authorities across Syria join fight against the coronavirus

April 2:

Mapping Coronavirus in Syria: Unofficial cases and hot spots

Syria’s civil war will make fighting coronavirus particularly difficult

March 29:

Coronavirus: Karbala cases coming from Syria, governor says

Iraq Shi’ite Pilgrims Returning From Syria Test Positive for Coronavirus: Officials

March 27:

Coronavirus in Syria: a catastrophe in the making

March 26:

Syria ‘on alert’ over coronavirus

March 25:

COVID-19 pandemic: Syria’s response and healthcare capacity

March 23:

COVID-19 in Syria could lead to one of the most severe outbreaks in the world, warns IRC