New press release from Kavkaz Center: "Emir of Dagestan Sayfullah Gubdensk probably died in a Dagestan battle"

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Gubdensk was killed in battle.
NOTE: Here is the most recent statement from Seyfullah of Gubden prior to his alleged death.

Five mujahedeen, including the Emir of the Dagestan Front of the Caucasus Emirate and Supreme Judge of the CE Seyfullah of Gubden, were blocked today in one of the houses in the village of Gunib, Gunib District, Province Dagestan, a source of the Guraba website reports.
A young Mujahid, son of a martyr (Insha’Allah) Abdulgafur Zakaryayev, Salahuddin Zakaryayev, was also in the house together with the Mujahideen. He contacted the source of the website by cell phone.
During the last call at about 9:12 a.m., he said that their group had left the house and went towards the infidels who blocked the house. He also said that Emir Seyfullah was among them.
And the last words of our brother were: “I am wounded, I am wounded… I’m going to Heavens!”
It is to be mentioned that in several conflicting reports about the battle in Gubden, Russian invaders reported first about one Mujahideen blocked in a house, and then about three.
According to the infidels, a fire broke out during the battle with the Mujahideen in the besieged house. The battle began at dawn and lasted until noon.
The occupiers said that one of the killed Mujahideen had been identified as Emir of Dagestan, Seyfullah.
Kavkaz Center