New interview with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's Kandahar Province Military Commander

NOTE: This message is from the Afghan Ṭālibān’s media outlet al-Emara and unedited below.

Shawwal 23, 1431 A.H, Sunday, October 03, 2010
In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
As you all might know, for the past 2 weeks the US invaders have launched an operation (Dragon Strike) in Kandahar province so Alemarah website interviewed Kandahar provinces military commander, Mullah Muhammad Isa Akhond to update us on the situation.
Alemarah: Respectable Mullah Muhammad Isa Akhond, Asalamalaikum.
What is the current situation in Zhiri, Dand, Maiwand and surrounding areas according to the information you have received?
Mullah Muhammad Isa Akhond: Walaikumsalam wa Rahmatullah e wa Barakatuh.
All praise is due to Allah and may his peace and blessings be on the beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and for what follows:
All praise is due to Allah, the enemy have not gained any significant ground against Mujahideen in Zhiri, Dand and Maiwand districts so far in the 2 week of constant bombings and land assaults on Mujahideen areas.
The enemy’s intent was to take control of Sang-e-Sar, Pashmool and Sanzari areas of Zhiri district from Mujahideen and then move on to the southern areas all the way up to the border of Panjwaee district. But Alhamdulillah, due to the zeal and bravery of Mujahideen and their stiff resistance, they have not been able to achieve any of their goals so far. Their armored tanks and vehicles are still parked on the spot of their arrival on Kandahar-Herat main highway just outside Sang-e-Sar area.
For the past 2 days, US forces and their puppets have started a massive push into Pashmool area, which is only about 2-2.5 km2, using land and air power in a bid to secure the area. They have only been successful in taking control of Lalajan Paich region but have been coming under deadly attacks even today especially near Zirh Maktab area, in which powerful blasts detonated on them, causing them fatal losses, for which medical helicopters landed 4 times to airlift the dead and wounded. In these 2 days, the enemy has been violating all norms and have been bombing and demolishing houses, trees, fields and farms of locals in order to clear the way for themselves.
Close to Pashmool is Sanzari area, in which the enemy have forcefully taken over 2 civilian houses and made them into their check posts while the rest of their military convoy has retreated back to their bases but even those check posts were targeted by Mujahideen mortars yesterday.
Dand district is in a similar situation. The enemy have their forces stationed in Nakhoni, Zalkhan and Khanjakak areas but cannot move forward any further due to the constant fear of ambushes and IED’s. The invaders also face fatal losses in this district from IED attacks on a daily basis.
As for Maiwand, the enemy forces which came out for the operation have returned back to their bases. They have built a new base in Kala Shamir area and it looks of things they have ended their campaign there.
Alemarah: What do you think the aim of this operation is and how much of their goals have the enemy achieved?
Mullah Muhammad Isa Akhond: Our thinking is that the enemy is trying to secure Kandahar city, Kandahar-Herat main highway and all the roads leading to enemy bases in Panjwaee, whose security is deteriorating and is in danger of collapse. Therefore the enemy has launched the operation in a bid to weaken Mujahideen’s military power in Dand, Panjwaee, Zhiri, Maiwand and Arghandab districts, which are in a close proximity to the city and are either fully under Mujahideen control or Mujahideen have a heavy presence in them.
In order to achieve their goals, the enemy planned to dig ditches and cordon off the area using barbed wire around Maiwand and Zhiri districts and also between Panjwaee’s Spirwan area and Dand district in order to restrict Mujahideen movement. But all praise is due to Allah, and with his help, the enemy has not gained any ground of much significance. Mujahideen have tactically retreated from the areas which they have entered but are causing the enemy great suffering and losses in well planned IED attacks and ambushes.
Alemarah: How much have the Mujahideen been effected by the operation?
Mullah Muhammad Isa Akhond: The enemy’s failure to gain much ground or momentum is the sign of Mujahideen’s heavy presence and activeness in the areas. The only difference now is that Mujahideen don’t move around in huge numbers and they don’t have clear frontlines but have opted to fight using guerilla tactics.
Mujahideen have returned back to their normal assaults in the area around Sanzari and Maiwand because the fighting has become minimal. In fact, just yesterday Mujahideen attacked a NATO logistical supply convoy, in which a large number of vehicles were burnt in the area between Dand and Maiwand districts. This is the area which the enemy claims to have taken over in the past few days as a result of their operation.
Alemarah: You say that the enemy has launched this operation to secure Kandahar city center. Has this effected your operations there?
Mullah Muhammad Isa Akhond: Alhamdulillah our operations are still going on at the same pace as before. In the past couple of days there have been many blasts and missile strikes in and around Kandahar city center, which even the media picked up so basically they themselves are a witness to our claims.
Alemarah: To end, could you please share a story about any astounding Mujahideen incident which might affect the hearts of our viewer’s.
Mullah Muhammad Isa Akhond: There are many amazing and astounding incidents but the one worth mentioning is in which the help of Allah was seen by Mujahideen. A Kandahar puppet government official for Haj and Awqaf was killed in a blast a while back. His sons name was Mukhlis, who was an active member of the puppet Intelligence agency. A few days ago, Nazik, the so called governor of Dand district captured 2 Mujahideen and gave them to Mukhlis, who wanted revenge for the death of his father. So Mukhlis along with 3 of his body guards put the Mujahideen in a vehicle and tried to take them to a desert where he would brutally Martyr them. On the way the vehicle stopped working so Mukhlis along with his gunmen got off the vehicle and tried to fix the problem. At this moment one of the Mujahideen released his hands from handcuffs, snatched the weapon of one of the bodyguards and shot dead all 4 puppets on the spot. In this way Allah relieved both of the Mujahideen from their hardship.
Alemarah: Thank you very much
Mullah Muhammad Isa Akhond: And you too
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan