New video message from the Emir of the Caucasus Emirate Dokku Umarov: "Regarding the 'World Chechen Congress' and 'peace talks'"

UPDATE: Here is an unedited English translation of the below video via Kavkaz Center the media outlet for the Caucasus Emirate:
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!
May peace and blessings of Allah be upon you, Muslims brothers and sisters.
We had no particular wish to tell about events that are happening, but today we just have to do it, and we have to appear often in front of the camera in order to give necessary explanations for waking some people from their slumber.
Today, Iblis, or the Devil, is particularly active; he uses all his armies from amongst the infidels. Iblis also carries out his work through hypocrites. As we know, they (apostates) arranged concerts called “congresses” to deceive Muslims in Poland and here in Nokhchicho, or Chechnya, Province.
The concert in Poland was directed by Zakayev, so let us begin, perhaps, with this concert.
The Soros Foundation allocated $ 10 million to conduct the Zakayev’s concert in Poland under the name of a “congress”. Zakayev received that money.
What is the motivation for the allocation of this money? On the radio, they said money was allocated for “the congress” and for “achieving peace through political means”.
In other words, there is and there will be no use for the Jihad and Muslims from those 10 million, and no Barakat, or Blessings, from Allah will be there.
Muslims will never be allowed to establish the word of Allah on this earth by peaceful means. This was proved by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), when he (pbuh) moved to Medina.
When they gave a fight (to mushrikeen, or polytheists), people began to speak about them as a force. There were scarcely more than 300 Mujahideen with him in the first Battle of Badr.
And when the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) returned to Mecca, the Mujahideen had 10 000 people, and polytheists met them with heads bowed low, which proves to us that the infidel does not recognize anything, any peaceful means, except force.
“The search for peaceful means” is carried out by them (the hypocrites and apostates) at a time when Allah is testing us (Mujahideen) with hunger and other deprivations. Enemies have seen that some of the Mujahideen are tired and deceived through preaching about a possibility of holding peace talks.
They (the hypocrites) are trying to deceive Muslims, leaning for support precisely on those (commanders who violated the pledge of allegiance), who organized here the fitna, the discord, which was announced at their Polish “congress”.
Thus, the main purpose of this “congress” was a split among the Mujahideen, a deepening of this split, taking advantage of the situation in which they (the Mujahideen) are … And there is no doubt about that.
No doubt because slogans that are used today by some brothers who arranged this fitna, such as – “we have no ray of hope”, “we have no tomorrow”, “we will not survive the winter”, “all of us were proclaimed terrorists”, and what is now told by Zakayev come from the same source.
From the same source and from the same pen, and there is no doubt about that.
I say that even if Zakayev gives today these $ 10 million or $ 100 million to the Mujahideen, they would evaporate, scatter, and there will be no use for the Muslims from it because no Soros Foundation will ever give money so that there will be some use for Islam from it. This is clear and needs no proof.
They never gave and will never give a penny for the benefit of Islam. Even if some of the money allocated by them (by the Soros Foundation and others like that) is used , for example, for building of mosques, it will be allocated only after they are convinced that the “worship” in them brings no real benefit for Islam.
The second concert of the enemies of Allah, following the first one, was held in the city (now Jokhar, formerly known as Grozny). This concert, directed by their chief “embodiment of justice”, gathered “smart” professors who made “smart” speeches, so that it might seem from aside that these people really said smart things!
One of them says that our people needs to acquire knowledge, that we need to attract knowing men for that, and makes other proposals that do not seem to be bad.
All this is good, but look! These proposals are made at a time when our people is being annihilated and abased, our men are killed, our women are kidnapped. Here is just a recent example: two women were kidnapped, and it goes on on daily basis when at least two or three women disappear not only here (in Nokhchicho), but also elsewhere in the Caucasus.
And they (the apostates/participants of the “congress”) make their “smart” speeches, when here, and all over the world we have Islam trampled, Muslims everywhere are suffering from abuse and humiliation!
This can be compared with such a picture – a man is drowning, and we stand on the bank and discuss how to help him best: maybe, this way, maybe, another way? But what is the use of our intelligent reasoning for the drowning man, if he is already drowned?
I appeal again to brothers and sisters, and especially to the Mujahideen with a call and a warning to be vigilant. And I swear by Allah, they (apostates) went out only in order to weaken us …
I will give you a short example: in 1996, somewhere in August, the first negotiation process started. The mediator was Tim Guldeman, an OSCE representative. There were about 15 field commanders among us, as they called us at that time. The fate of these commanders was different…
Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev just came. There was Shamil (Basayev) there, who stood up and addressed to all of the “field commanders”, and said, referring to the OSCE:
“Do not be fooled! These people didn’t gather today here out of solidarity with us.
These people arranged these negotiations only in order to save the infidels, defeated by the Muslims. Our demands should be: their (Russian) complete disarmament and withdrawal of troops from the Caucasus. We take an obligation to let the unarmed go”.
Our reaction (the former field commanders’) was unequivocal: I remember that all 15 men were ready to rush on Shamil, and I swear by Allah, I was among them!
At that time, we all thought he was crazy, because the war had to be finished…
Today, time showed how right he (Shamil) was, and we could obtain that from the enemy when it was really crushed and helpless!
Subsequent events showed that it was really so, because even at that time, the victory from Allah
for the Mujahideen who fought in Nokhchicho, could be only the hope in the Almighty, the Tawakkul. However, their (OSCE) mission was only to conceal and lower the significance of victorious achievements of the Mujahideen through negotiations.
In order to create an impression that they allegedly achieved a cease fire, these people (the OSCE) tried, as mediators, to impose in every possible way “free elections” and everything else, which subsequently led to a division among brothers, a split and a feud. And those who yesterday fought side by side, shoulder to shoulder, became enemies to each other. It is for this purpose that those mediators were engaged.
So I say today to the Mujahideen, and I swear by Allah that the “congress” in Poland, and the proposals for “peaceful means”, etc. – it is not true, brothers, it is a lie! We know about Bosnia, Kosovo, about everything what is happening today in the Islamic world.
Look here, brothers, a good example for that is Sudan, which is being openly divided into different parts, and nothing is asked from the authorities of the country. Southern Sudan is separated from the country by so-called “peacekeepers”.
The Koran says that disbelievers will not leave us alone until we do not follow their religion, may Allah preserve us from this! There is no sense for us to wait for help from them till the moment when we abandon our religion and follow their passions.
Therefore, brothers, I urge you to be vigilant, and I swear by Allah, those who arrange today the fitna here are deceived by those who lie from abroad, and this is evident from their similar demands: “allow us create a cabinet of ministers, open a ministry of foreign affairs, give us the right to negotiate” and so on.
Brothers, all that is not real, there is no “cabinet of ministers”, and there are no “negotiations”. The infidel is weakening and this is confirmed when he starts talking about “cabinets of ministers” and “negotiations”.
We do not need such negotiations, as we need no mediators, and no Western institutions. And if there is the will of Allah, we will do ourselves, Insha’Allah, everything which is necessary to do in this case. And you, brothers, strengthen your iman, or faith, your patience, rely on Allah and do not let be deceived.
This is my appeal to you! Brothers, beware, because the spread of the fitna comes from the emirs who have been earlier great emirs, and this fitna has a direct relationship with the fitna that comes from abroad.
The fitna which they arranged abroad came here, and so I ask you: do not let yourself turn into a speechless tree.
At this point, I conclude my speech. May Allah direct us to the true path and establish justice between us.

NOTE: The below video addresses the World Chechen Congress, which was organized by Akhmed Zakayev, the leader of the nationalist-Islamist Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (Chechnya), in Warsaw, Poland this past September (16-18). Zakayev took over the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in 2007 following Umarov’s proclamation of the Caucasus Emirate. Umarov had been the President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria from 2006-2007. Currently, Zakayev is exiled in London.