Articles of the Week – 11/27-12/3

Saturday November 27:
Concerning Bomb Makers – Mr. Orange’s War Tracker:
Sunday November 28:
Dehumanize or Understand Your Enemy? Choose One – Mark Stout, On War and Words:
Misinterpreting the “Insurgency” in Tajikistan – Christian Bleuer, Ghosts of Alexander:
Monday November 29:
AQAP v Huthi: This time, its personal – Brian O’Neill, Always Judged Guilty:
Yemeni Intellectual Saeed al-Jamhi Ideologically Attacks al-Qaida – Youssef Aboul-Enein & D Corley, Small Wars Journal:
Tuesday November 30:
Promoting Jihad Against China: The Turkistani Islamic Party in Arabic Jihadist Media – Kirk H. Sowell:
The al-Awlaki Debate Continues – Gregory D. Johnsen, Waq al-Waq:
Wikileaks Questions – Gregory D. Johnsen, Waq al-Waq:
Majahden vs. Shmukh Country statistics for November 2010 – Aaron Weisburd, The Internet Haganah:
Wednesday December 1:
Al-Qaeda’s relations with the Taliban: An unhappy marriage? – Noman Benotman and James Brandon, Quilliam Foundation:
Thursday December 2:
Trial of Would-Be Assassin Illustrates al-Awlaki’s Influence on the British Jihad – Raff Pantucci, Terrorism Monitor:
The Salafist Challenge to al-Qaeda’s Jihad – Michael W. S. Ryan, Terrorism Monitor:
Friday December 3:
Bin Laden’s Lonely Crusade – Peter Bergen, Vanity Fair:
New CTC Sentinel is released: