New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "How the 1,400 Troops Re-enforcement Could Uplift the Sagging Morale of 120,000 American Troops"

According to a report in the New York Times, Pentagon is intending  to send 1,400 more  soldiers to Afghanistan in the current year 2011, presumably to fill up the vacuum existing in the ranks of the American army—   a vacuum  which is  the  result of the tips-and-runs attacks of the Mujahideen and increase in their strength during the previous year.
The Pentagon claims that the surge of the troops in Afghanistan will carry out special raids and effective operations against the Mujahideen in the current year but it is not true. The fact is that the Americans faced huge material and life casualties last year, reaching an unprecedented level in the past nine years period. It was expected that the Americans would try to replenish the vacuum to an extent by resorting to a fresh surge.
As to the Pentagon’s claim that the new 1,400 troops  will take part in special operations against the Mujahideen, we could only say, it is futile and meaningless. During the past nine years, Pentagon has not left any stone unturned in using all tactics and stratagems which their brutal imagination could envisage.  They have not spared committing any crime including battles against the Mujahideen; torturing them; engineering surreptitious conspiracies; launching political ploys; perpetrating genocide against the Afghanis people; detaining the common Afghans and destroying their plantations, properties, hearths and homes. So we can say,  the fresh surge by the Pentagon is not a new initiative but aimed at replenishing the void that has been created by the fatalities and injuries of the American troops during the past year.  There seems no other rationale behind the re-enforcement.
If we look at  facts, we know that Pentagon will not be able to fill up the vacuum of the troops casualties by a fresh surge of 1,400 troops. Every one knows the fact,  that during the past year, some undeniable events took place and even American sources and the American spokesmen at Bagram Airbase have confirmed them.  Furthermore, some sources put   the American troop’s fatality during the last year at 3,000 soldiers. However, other substantiated evidence on hand and the Mujahideen’s data show the casualties were many times higher than the ones revealed.
Granted, if even they are able to fill up the vacuum by the miniscule 1,400 troops surge, then what about another vacuum that the American troops in Afghanistan are grappling with right now, and that is the problem of sagging morale;  the descending psychological conditions and the fear of war. What does Pentagon think that,  will the re-enforcement of 1,400 troops  prove to be an effective panacea   to  fill the gap and what breakthrough they are going to make during 2011? Contrarily, these extra 1,400 troops will suffer from low morale when they join the American troops stationed there and hear their stories and accounts of  armed clashes with the Taliban. The war of Afghanistan and the Jihad environ prevailing there will teach them exemplary lessons that it will be difficult to tell their condition from the already stationed troops which have been crumbled at the hands of the Mujahideen.
The troops of the fresh surge and the previous ones will be quashed thanks to the well-known Afghan willpower that their war specialties and tactics of special operations will be of  no use any more.  By then, they  themselves will  seek the way of escape from Afghanistan if Allah willing.