New video from the Teḥrīk-ī-Ṭālibān Pākistān: "Killing of Colonel Imām" [Graphic]

UPDATE 3/1 9:19 AM: Here is an English translation from the below video:
He helped Pakistan’s ISI, cooperated with them, and in return, ISI gave him millions of dollars. While some helped the Afghan Mujahideen – when the Jihaad with Russia ended, when Mujahideen started fighting among themselves, when Amir ul Mo’mineen Mullah Muhammad Umar (may Allaah protect him) started Jihaad against them, and when Islamic Emirate established in Afghanistan, America attacked Afghanistan. When they did so, the same Arab Mujahideen who even sold the jewelry and clothes of their wives and brought millions of rupees from their countries and gave it to those people so that they could fight Jihaad against Russia – when America came and attacked Afghanistan – and when those Arabs came to the tribal areas after the fall of the Emirate – Colonel Imam and other wretched ones like him handed those Arabs over to Pakistani army and Pakistani ISI which arrested them and handed 600 of them to America.
Among these people is also Major Noman who was related to this Colonel Imam and at that time, he had duties in that area of Tal. He was a major there and many people at Khurram agency know that other people with this major (Muneer Aurakzai) were present there. It was this Major Noman who arrested those Arabs and sold them to America at the price of 4,000 dollars per person.
Colonel Imam is his son – he is that wretched person who grew up with the money of the Arab Mujahideen, that wretched one who gained education at the money of Arab Mujahideen, and that wretched one who constructed his entire house with the money of the Arab Mujahideen. But, he did not show loyalty to Islaam along with the Arab Mujahideen. He was based upon that foundation of kufr – when they (Arab Mujahideen) came to Khurram agency, he arrested them and gave them to the Americans. He is that Colonel Imam who, when the Taliban were being attacked, fled Afghanistan and was interviewed on the airport. “O Colonel! You spilled blood of Afghan people! You handed over the station at Jaykababad on mere phone call of the Americans and attacked Afghanistan from Pakistan in 56,000 attacks!” These were the comments that were thrown at him.
From here, the video ended and al qaolus swarem (The Word is the Word of Swords) poem began

UPDATE 2/21 8:53 AM: Below I switched out the video (45 seconds) that I originally posted with what appears to be the full video (3 minutes). If I find anything longer I will update this post again.

NOTE: This video footage was originally sent to DAWN News. For more on this video and the death of Colonel Imām see here and here.