New statement from Qārī' Muḥammad Yusūf Aḥmadī of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Remarks About the Baseless Claims of 'Abd al-Khaliq Malekzai"

A person who calls himself Abdul Khaliq Malekzai has had audio interview with some media outlets, claiming that he was envoy of Taliban and wanted to reach reconciliation with the so-called Kabul Administration. He said that he was already engaged in talks (with
the stooge Administration). He also claimed that there are 12,000 Taliban who agree with his program and talks are continuing with 6, 000 more Taliban to persuade them to join the reconciliation process with the State.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, like before, strongly refutes these baseless and fatuous claims and considers them as failed endeavors on the part of the enemy in a series of its psychological warfare. No member of the Islamic Emirate, whether a high-ranking or low-ranking Mujahid, has ever contacted any side for talks directly or indirectly.
It is no more than mere propaganda and lies  that some faceless persons appear in media time and again  and claim,  they are envoys of the Islamic Emirate appointed for  ( participation) in  the talks. In fact, they are hirelings of the enemy and their stooges.
As the  enemy is facing defeats in every part of the country and has lost its warfare   capability in face of the Mujahideen, so  it is trying to confuse the public opinion and distract their attention—an effort  by invaders  to cover up their defeat and weakness.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has a clear stance as regards the negotiation. The Islamic Emirate is not ready to have talks in condition of presence of the invaders.  This should be made clear that talks in condition of the occupation gives legitimacy to the present Puppet Administration and to the occupation itself. This is a disloyalty to and betrayal with the cause and  aspirations of the Mujahid people of Afghanistan.
Qari Mohammad Yousaf Ahmadi
Spokesman of
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan