New statement from Zabīhullah Mujāhid of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Establishment of District Governor’s Office at the Premises of Basic Health Unit in Laghmān Province"

Bad Pash area, which was previous part of Mehtarlam, the provincial center, has been given status of a new administrative unit and named as a district. Mujahideen had been having active presence in the area before that.
The Kabul Administration is intending to deploy detachments of foreign and local troops there to protect the district center. But the  district is lacking building to house the central office of the district, so the American troops and  the mercenary hirelings  now use the building of the basic health unit as the district headquarter office while , in fact, tens of  people come to the clinic for treatment daily.  The health basic unit having been transformed into building of the district headquarter and a military base now, the Mujahideen have to attack it. Therefore, we call on human rights advocacy entities and Heads of world health program and the Red Cross to condemn this illegal step of the Kabul Administration and the foreign troops stationed in the country and urge them not to use public installations and health centers as shields for furthering their military goals.  If they fail to do so, then the future responsibility of damage to the health clinic ( currently headquarter of the district) will solely rest with the opposition side, because the Mujahideen will have no option except attacking it.
Unfortunately, they use a completely public installation, particularly a health clinic, which is being used by the common people as a shield. It is similar to the behavior of the foreign invaders who utilize communication antenna posts for spying while, in fact, they had been erected purely for commercial purposes and for public service. It was the reason that Mujahideen were compelled to order the networks to stop functioning during the   night and, in some areas, during the day. The purpose was to save lives of the common people because the antenna network help in facilitating American aerial bombardment and night raids. As a result,  the invaders callously martyr people, destroy their houses and properties. Even in the past, the enemy have frequently resorted to converting buildings of schools and seminaries into military centers and posts. When Mujahideen attack these military centers, the NGOs which are funded by NATO, raise their hue and cries, trying to project Mujahideen as having attacked a purely educational center. It seems they will use the clinics for the same propaganda stunt.
Zabiullah Mujahide
Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan