New analysis from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Impatience of the Muslim Afghan People"

The crime of burning a copy of the Glorious Quran by an American pastor and the silence of America and the United Nations vis-à-vis this crime proves that the pastor of Florida is not alone in this despicable act but all of them are behind this transgression. They are accomplices in the conspiracy of desecration of a Book that 1.5 billions Muslims of the world believe in.
Thousands of American troops have invaded our soil on the bidding of the Church and priests with a task for every soldier to commit desecration of the Glorious Quran which was revealed to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and other sacred tenets of Islam. These crimes led to circumstances that filled the bowls of patience of the Afghan Muslim people to the brim, compelling them to take to the streets in defense of their religious tenets. They wanted to prove that, at least, they are one voice against the opponents of Islam and Muslims and against the American troops stationed in the country and the crimes of Terry Jones, the pastor of the State of Florida who burnt tens of copies of the Holy Quran, ostensibly in reaction to the 9/11 Event. The Americans have already invaded Afghanistan under the same pretext and shed blood of nearly two hundred thousands innocent Afghans, wrongfully claiming that the Afghans and their soil were involved in the Event.
As the Afghans held demonstrations in defense and protection of their religious values in every part of the country and the foreign and local troops and agents of the American pastors killed or injured nearly two hundred people in Kandahar province, the American rulers and the Security Council UNO, instead of condemning this great human tragedy and soul losses, ironically remained silent. Contrarily, the White House and the Security Council expressed sorrow and concern over the incident in Mazar-i-Sharif where a few foreign nationals had been injured during stone-throwing by the demonstrators at the UNAMA office.
We would like to make it clear to the Security Council and to the White House that had you not overlooked the event of the desecration and burning of the Holy Quran and condemned the crime of the pastor at the time in strong terms and respected the feelings of the 1.5 billions Muslims, the attack on UNAMA office in Mazari Sharif would not have happened, nor the brave citizens of Kandahar would have come forward to come to the street and lose their lives.
To end , we emphasize if the double standard policy of the Security Council and their indifference and hostility as regards the Islamic sacrosanct continue unabatedly; if they continue the military invasions of the Islamic countries and lands; if they violate the Islamic values and continue to intentionally commit blasphemy against the Holy prophet and the Divine Book, then the Muslims, particularly, the Afghans would have to resort to some other options for the defense of their religious sanctity and national pride.
Then, the responsibility of any consequences will solely rest with those who stand now shoulder to shoulder with the pastors; support them and interpret the Charter of the United Nations and other laws in a way to tilt to their favor.