Last Will and Testament from last weeks Indonesian bomber Muḥammad Syarif Astanagarif

UPDATE 4/20 10:04 AM: Here is an English translation of the below last will and testament:
That I : Muhammad Syarif
Insha Allah, by the permission of Allah, very , very much !!!!!! “Dies Shaheed”. Not because of wanting to be called a Mujahid. But the honour of shaheed has been embedded heavily in the heart . With the promise of the One Who created me and Who will purify me. Namely the promise of Allah…….Allah…….Allah.
My message : “Indeed, the life of the world is only deceptive”. Wass.

NOTE: Indonesian police found a copy of Muḥammad Syarif Astanagarif’s last will and testament written on the back page of Abū Muṣ’ab al-Sūrī’s Muslims in Central Asia and The Coming Battle of Islam? The Indonesian jihādī forums have already released a statement in response to the attack, which you can see here.

Bahwa saya : Muhammad Syarif
Insya Allah atas / izin Allah, sangat, sangat !!!!!! ” Meninggal Syahid”. Bukan karena ingin disebut Mujahid. Tetapi kemuliaan Syahid telah melekat berat di hati. Dengan janji dari yang menciptakan saya dan yang akan mensucikan saya. Yaitu janji Allah…….Allah…….Allah.
Pesan saya : “Sungguh kehidupan dunia hanya menipu. Wass.