New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Condemnation Regarding the Thirty-Third Anniversary of the Sour Coup D'état"

33 years ago, on 27 April 1979 (Saur 7, 1357 Hijri solar year), members of the Khalq and Parcham communist parties staged a coup de’tat against the ruling Afghan regime in Afghanistan. This day has gone down as a black day in the recent history of Afghanistan, as a fountain of the 33-years long constant tragedy of the beloved country.
Infiltrating into the educational and governmental departments with the help of the former Soviet Union in a timeframe of a few decades, the Afghan communists took advantage of the incompetence and insouciance of the then regime. They grabbed political power through staging a bloody coup de’tat. The communist coup de’tat was a preliminary part of a comprehensive plan of the Soviet ruler Brezhnev who wanted to extend his tentacles of expansion to South Asia; to reach the Warm Waters of the Indian Ocean and to tighten the pre-planned siege against China, his arch rival.
On the basis of this partnership, the Afghan communists were toeing the line at the behest of the Soviet Union. They put forward the idea of bringing about a complete change in the Afghan God-fearing society. Later, they paved the way for the invasion by the Soviet forces and their occupation of Afghanistan.
If we compare the present American mission of Afghanistan’s occupation with that of the Soviet Union, we can conclude that the colonialist plan of the Soviet Union was stronger that that of America. The Soviet Union enjoyed support of a great number of ideological and motivated stooges. They were wielding deep political, economic and cultural bonds and influence besides having a long common border with Afghanistan. But the communist system and values contravened the belief of the Afghan people. So, the people took to armed Jihad which led to not only humiliating the communist perpetrators of the Sour Coup De’tat but disintegrating the Soviet Union. It crumbled on its very edifice.
We believe, the exemplary fate of the perpetrators of the Sour Coup De’tat and the Soviet communism can be sufficient for the present invaders and their surrogates to take a lesson as their roots are comparably weaker and the situation is tenser for them. Similarly, as the communist phenomenon was an impracticable replica for the country and the people, in the same vein, Western democracy has been facing typical problems.
The foreign exporters of the Western democracy and their Afghan stooges should know that they will meet the same fate as that of the so-called revolutionaries of the Saur Coup de’tat. They should take advantage of the ( present) opportunity so that they will have a secure future and the Afghan people will come out of the current crisis.
To end, the Islamic Emirate believes, the Saur Coup de’tat was a wicked event and unforgivable crime in the history of Afghanistan and hopes that may the perpetrators (of the Saur crime) remain ashamed in this world and in the world to come.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.