New analysis from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "The Martyrdom of Shaykh Usāmah Will Not Benefit America"

The Americans are claiming that their special forces martyred Sheik Osama bin Laden, the founder and leader of Al-qaeda in Pakistan on May 2.They say that they placed his body in the sea after taking custody of it during the raid.
Americans and other countries that have been waging a crusade against the Islamic Ummah for the past decade and are partners in the occupation of the Islamic lands of Afghanistan and Iraq,
once again showed their enmity and spite against Islam by martyring Sheikh Osama and expressing jubilation over his demise. They called his martyrdom a landmark victory of their crusade.
No doubt, Sheikh Osama was a skyscraper of bravery, a dedicated supporter of the Islamic Ummah and a sword of magnanimity of Muslims against the invading unbelievers. He spent a great part of his life for the defense of the Islamic Ummah, striving to deliver the Muslims lands from the claws of the infidels and gain freedom. He offered unprecedented sacrifices in this cause. He and his steadfast Mujahideen and colleagues struggled tirelessly in the way of independence of the first Qibla of the Muslims ( the Baitul Moqadas), Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and other Islamic lands which are occupied by the invading infidels. This is to mention a few of the services he rendered in the way of Islam and Jihad. He laid foundation of strongholds of the invincible struggle and Jihad and continued with the task of rearing, training, enlighterening and equipping Mujahideen. The Islamic Ummah will neither forget the struggle of this great Mujahid nor his unwavering stance against falsehood and arrogance in the way of realization of truth.
The invading Americans and coalition of the crusade should not think that their wicked war against the Islamic Ummah will triumph or weakness will permeate the ranks of Jihad of the Muslims. They should know that, throughout the history, the proud leaders of the Islamic Ummah have left behind a sacred and honorable legacy of Jihadic thoughts and determination to the emerging generations of the Ummah that they will not falter as a result of martyrdom, removal and nomination of personalities.
As long as the invading infidels are bent on continuing their colonialist ambitions against the Islamic Ummah, until then, every committed son of the Ummah who has wake conscience and feeling will keep on protecting the Islamic values and sovereignty. Therefore, the martyrdom of Sheikh Osama will not benefit the Americans.
The Americans and their puppets should know from the spirit and tenacity of the operations launched by the Mujahideen in Afghanistan under the name of Badre, which are now in full swing all over the country, particularly, they should know from the steadfastness and persistence of the three-days long operations in the provincial center of Kandahar and adjacent localities, that how superior morale the Mujahideen are having. By now they must have understood that the martyrdom of Sheik Osama has no impact on the Jihadic determination of Mujahideen.
The Afghans will not forget the sacrifices and struggle of Sheikh Osama, this great patron of Islam, who fought shoulder to shoulder with the Afghans against the former Soviet Union as well as his services in terms of equipping Mujahideen and sponsoring families of the martyrs.
To end, we strongly believe that the Almighty Allah will open up a vista of light for the Islamic Ummah through the blessings of the pure and sacred blood of Sheikh Osama and other thousands of martyrs.
Afghanistan and all Islamic countries now under occupation of the infidels will find emancipation and an Islamic reign will usher in, if God willing.

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