Articles of the Week – 5/7-5/13

Saturday May 7:
New Osama bin Laden Videos: More Questions Than Answers – J.M. Berger, IntelWire:
The Forgotten History of the U.S. and Bin Ladin – Paul Pillar, The National Interest:
Monday May 9:
Towards Global Jihadism: Al-Qaeda’s Strategic, Ideological and Structural Adaptations since 9/11 – Bill Braniff and Assaf Moghadam, Perspectives on Terrorism:
Bin Laden’s Death: Why the Arab World Shrugs – Max Rodenbeck, New York Review of Books:
Bin Laden Was Dead Already – Gilles Kepel, New York Times:
Tuesday May 10:
The coming struggle within al-Qaeda – Noman Benotman and James Brandon, Quilliam Foundation:
Wednesday May 11:
Al Qaeda Without Bin Laden: How Terrorists Cope With Their Leaders Death – Brynjar Lia, Foreign Affairs:
Checkbook Jihad: The raid that killed Osama bin Laden may finally shed light on the financial network behind al Qaeda – Matthew Levitt, Foreign Policy:
Thursday May 12:
New Special CTC Sentinel issue on the death of Bin Laden:
Zawahiri’s Big Challenge: Can Bin Laden’s longtime No. 2 hold al-Qaida together? – Daniel Byman, Slate: