New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Decision by Kazakhstan to Send Troops to Afghanistan"

After the visit of Grossman, an American official, to Kazakhstan, the Kazak parliament decided to send troops to Afghanistan in support of the American occupation. Visibly, it seems from the abrupt and impetuous decision of Kazakhstan that rulers of that country have shown impetuosity and hastiness in taking the decision.
They have focused on protection of American interests instead of taking into account the aspirations of their people and the regional interests.
Kazakhstan obtained its liberation and got an identity after the collapse of the former Soviet Union at the hands of the Afghan people. In a way, they ( must) remain obliged to the blessing of the Afghan Jihad and struggle. Still, if they have opted to take part in the war of the illegitimate occupation of Afghanistan, it will be their historical perfidy and an act of impetuosity politically. Meanwhile, we believe, the dispatch of a few hundred troops will not change the fate of the invaders who are already on their way to defeat. Nor they will turn the defeat into victory. However, this step on the part of Kazakhstan will leave a long-term negative impact on relations between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan and the region.
The Muslim people of Kazakhstan should stand against this wrong policy of their rulers and should not let their believing Muslim sons fight against their Muslims brethren from the bulwark of Jews and Christians.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reminds the Kazak government and people to reconsider their decision. Obviously, in a time that the invading countries of the world are trying to find justification to flee Afghanistan and the European parliaments are demanding withdrawal of their troops, the Kazakhstan decision to enter the war will yield nothing except negative consequences.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.