Articles of the Week – 5/28-6/3

Saturday May 28:
Al-Qaeda’s Franchising Strategy – Barak Mendelsohn, Survival: Global Politics and Strategy:
Charting Bin Laden’s Death Among English-Speaking Jihadis Online – J.M. Berger, IntelWire:
Monday May 30:
Global Jihad Forum Dedicates New Sub-forum to Anwar al-‘Awlaqi: Sign of His Growing Influence? – Christopher Anzalone, al-Wasat:
Tuesday May 31:
Facing the New Islamist Challenge – Lorenzo Vidino, ISN Insights:
Inchoate Conceptualization of Jihadi Online Media, Aaron Y. Zelin, al-Wasat:
Wednesday June 1:
Post-Jihadism: Libya & the Global Transformations of Armed Islamist Movements – Omar Ashour, Terrorism & Political Violence:
Thursday June 2:
Global Jihad: Summary from Arabic Sources – 1st Half of March 2011 – ICT’s Jihadi Websites Monitoring Group:
Saudi Islamists and the potential for protest – Stephane Lacroix, The Middle East Channel:
Friday June 3:
Missionaries of jihad – Christopher Anzalone, The AfPak Channel: