As-Saḥāb Media presents a new video message from al-Qā’idah's Abū Yaḥyā al-Lībī: "Algeria and the Battle of Patience"

UPDATE 10/31/11 8:30 AM: Click here for an English translation of the below Arabic video message.

UPDATE 10/19/11 7:52 PM: Here is an Arabic transcription of the below video message:

Click the following link for a safe PDF copy: Abū Yaḥyā al-Lībī — “Algeria and the Battle of Patience”

NOTE: It appears that AQ is focusing on Algeria now since they have yet to bear any fruit from Tunisia, Egypt, or Libya. In Zawahiri’s video message released last week he stated:

As I congratulated our people in Libya on their victory over the tyrant, I call upon
our people in Algeria to follow their footsteps. Oh lions of Algeria, here are your brothers
in Tunisia and also in Libya have sent the two tyrants to the wasteland of history; why
aren’t you revolting on your tyrant? Oh lions of Algeria: you have given the best of
examples in sacrifice, resistance, jihad and defiance, so why are you silent before the
corrupt oppressors who are fighting your Shari’ah, communicating with Israel and stealing
the food bite from the mouths of your children to use it for corruption, and turn the
Algeria of jihad and defiance to a service agency to safeguard the interests of America
and France in the Maghrib and the coast of the Mediterranean.
Oh lions of Algeria and its free and zealous people in it, oh soldiers of Islam in its
western (the Maghrib) trench: the Muslim Ummah and all the oppressed in
the world are waiting for you to offer a jihadi example and resistance model in
resisting the corruptive tyrants. Take the help of Allah and take off in the face of this
tyrannical and abusive regime that has spilled your blood and wasted your money and
violated your honors.

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