New from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Qārī' Yusef Aḥmadī Interview with Afghan Islamic (News) Agency"

Q.1. Two years ago the foreign forces gained some areas from Taliban in Kandahar and Helmand provinces. What is the reason that the Taliban are not able to regain those areas?
Ans. If you observe the situation in Helmand and Kandahar closely, you will find that the foreigners have set up their bases only in the central areas of these districts and cannot even move 100 meters away from these centers. In most of these areas the logistics are supplied by air. Thus we can say that they have made no progress in these areas. On the other side you know that in the present partisan or guerrilla war the important thing is to perturb the enemy and to inflict casualties on them and we have done it quite successfully in other parts of the country. You know that in the ‘Badr’ operation this year we have carried out successful combine attacks in the centers and districts of Kandahar and Helmand provinces. All this testify our force and active presence in the region. In Kandahar province some of the regions are occupied by the enemy in a way that they have leveled the houses and the orchards to the ground and human life is made impossible there. Naturally Taliban are also not found there. But in no case can we call it triumph for the enemy.
Q.2. In Kandahar and Helmand, apart from the sporadic attacks, Taliban are quite weak in Panjwai, Zeri, Arghandab, and some other parts of Kandahar province. What is the reason for this in your opinion?
Ans. As far as we know in the above mentioned areas the patrols of the enemy have decreased. So the reaction has also come down comparatively. Secondly in the districts of these provinces, attacks are carried on the daily basis in which tens of internal and external soldiers are killed and heavy losses are inflicted on them which are shared with the media including your one.
Q.3. NATO alliance says that Taliban are confined to some areas in the Southern provinces (e.g. Helmand and Kandahar); if it is true, what is the reason for it?
Ans. The invaders always make these kinds of claims, which we strongly deny. If they are honest in their claim then why cannot they remove Mujahideen from the remaining ‘confined’ areas? It is clear that their claims of progress are false. Another point is the absence of free international media in southern areas of the country to observe our activities and report it accurately. A few reporters are there but they are being threatened by the internal and external secret services not to report the incidents accurately. Some of the news agencies are even hired to show each and everything intact. The invaders want to show their public that the last year operations have yielded positive results, which is in total contradiction to the reality.
Q.4. Some military observers say that Taliban’s influence is weak in the region as compared to the past; what are the reasons behind it?
Ans. I do not agree with this opinion of the stated observers. If we accept that in some areas the presence of Mujahideen is less, the reason is not the lack of influence but when the enemy increased its attacks in these areas, under planned military tactics we also increased our attacks in other parts. When we notice that public and Mujahideen are both under pressure, simultaneously we open new fronts in other villages and districts. In the same way if one zone is under pressure, we have increased our activities in other zones. Even the enemy admits to this fact. Overall our operations have actually increased instead of decreasing. For example in the year 1431 A.H. in 12 months inside Kandahar, 1078 attacks took place against the enemy. But in the year 1432 A.H. which ended recently, 1588 attacks were carried out, which outnumber the last year by 510. Secondly most of the  military observers analyze the situation partially. They always show their analysis through the western media which is always far away from the ground realities. The actual situation on the ground is something much different than their one-sided and biased analysis. We have entered to a new phase in the war where we have been able to inflict heavy losses over the enemy and have significantly reduced our own .
Q.5. Do you have any program to recapture the districts of Panjwai, Zeri, Arghandab and some other areas in Kandahar and Helmand provinces.
Ans. In the aforementioned areas only the centers of Panjwai, Zeri, Arghandab districts are under their control. They live only in their barracks which are heavily guarded by sand bags or concrete walls. The enemy has no control outside the centers of the districts. The disputes among the masses are settled by the concerning authorities of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. So we can say that even now, the support of the people and the control of the above mentioned areas is with the Mujahideen. Our next target is obviously to control the centers of these districts considering the military situation. We have our planning for each and every part of the country.
Q.6. What are the reasons that you have not entered the political process from the military one?
Ans. We have been insisting on a political solution for every minor or major issue instead of force and arrogance. The present situation of war has been imposed upon us. We have been attacked and compelled to pick up arms. By the grace of Allah Almighty, for the last 10 years the enemy has become fully exhausted in the battlefield. As far as political process is concerned, there is a separate commission working for it. Our demands for a political solution have been publicized through the media. We can never tolerate foreign invasion in our country. We want the strict implementation of Islamic rules and regulations. We want Islamic brotherhood and unity among the countrymen. We want cordial relation with the world on the basis of Islamic principles where no one is harmed. But the enemy is extending the occupation and is dreaming for a prolonged subjugation of our country. In these circumstances we are compelled to insist on a military solution rather than political one; because the enemy is not ready to leave our country by political logic and to solve the disputed issues by political negotiations.
Q.7. Do you have any comprehensive program or proposals to solve the Afghan problem?
Ans. As we have said earlier that we have a full fledged Islamic policy for the solution of Afghan problem. First of all we want the liberation of our country. Secondly we believe in the principle of logic and reason to solve disputed matters. This policy has been clearly declared by the leadership of the Islamic Emirate.
Q.8. Now as the ‘Loya Jirga’ (grand council) convened by Hamid Karzai has conditionally approved the military bases for Americans for 10 more years, how long will you fight against the foreigners?
Ans. Jihad is a religious obligation upon us. We have no specified time framework for it. When the need for Jihad is ceased, the war will naturally come to an end . It totally depends on the invaders. We will not tire of Jihad because we are fully prepared for it. Training and incitement are going on with full strength and thousands of young men are ready to fight and to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Islam and for the liberation of the country.
Q.9. What are the reasons for your  decreased activities in the northern areas especially in Kunduz province?
Ans. Our attacks are well planned in the North of the country especially in Kunduz province; but the chances for a decisive attack is less due to the restricted movement of the troops stationed there (mostly non-Americans) who are fed up with this war and consider it a useless and imposed war. But still we are expanding our presence and operations with the changing circumstances in the whole of the North.
Q. 10. Overall, do you think the military force of Taliban is weaker or stronger as compared to the past and whether the present military situation is encouraging Taliban or NATO?
Ans. In general, the force and influence of Taliban has increased in all areas of Afghanistan because the whole nation has realized that only Mujahideen can liberate the country from the foreign occupation. The resolution of the so called ‘Loya Jirga’ will have a very positive effect on our forthcoming Jihadi modus operandi. The people have realized that the invaders are here for sinister objectives. They want to endanger our religion, prestige and other sanctities at the hands of a few traitors and corrupt agents. They want to keep us as an occupied nation and impose their own systems upon us. I think that the nation will become even more vigilant in the future and will stand shoulder to shoulder with Mujahideen with their full capacity. The level of support and sympathy will rise. Consequently the invaders and their stooges will not have any other option but to face a very disgraceful defeat as the late Soviet Union and their slaves did.
And this is never too hard for Allah Almighty.
With due respects