New article from a member of the Anṣār al-Mujāhidīn English Forum: "Jihādī Groups/Lone wolf: Strong Security is of Great Importance #1"

Salaam Alaykom wa rahmatollah wa barakatuh,
in the name of Allah,most gracious,most merciful.
Praise be to Allah, Lord of Creation; Lord and Supporter of the oppressed monotheists; Breaker and Vanquisher of unjust tyrants. Peace and blessings be upon the Seal of the Prophets, and their master; Imam and exemplar of the Mujahideen; and upon his household and his companions and those guided by his guidance; revive his Sunnah until the Day of Judgment. :

To proceed:
Allah says in His Book:
And when the disbelievers plotted against you to capture or to kill you or to expel you; they were plotting and Allah was plotting also, but Allah is the Best of Plotters. (Qur’an 8:30)
Preserve the specialist in the fields of Jihad
In the last ten years many Jihadist have been captured by the crusaders and apostate forces. If we look through the files of the intelligence services we find many unnecessary reasons that led to the capture of the brothers. Many brothers who have the right motivation and plans are not focusing enough on security.
What I noticed in the reports is that the brothers are only thinking about how to achieve martyrdom. There is no doubt that Martyrdom is a great thing to achieve but this is not the main cause. The main cause of Jihad for the sake of Allah is to make the word of Allah supreme on earth. If we look at the Al-Qaeda organization we find many interesting things that shows us the cleverness of the Al-Qaeda leadership. Many brothers who joined the ranks of the Mujahiden were very eager to carry out a martyrdom operation. Many of those brothers were rejected by the “Martyrdom seekers council” to carry out a martyrdom operation.
In guerrilla warfare it’s important to preserve the specialists and use them in different fields of Jihad. If we study different books of guerrilla warfare we find a very important subject which the Muslims need to implement. In the first stage of Guerrilla warfare it’s important to prepare the mujahiden in the fields of security. The most important rule in the first stage is “Fight the enemy to stay alive“. In the first stage the group is small in numbers and equipment. There is no doubt that victory comes only from Allah, but we need to take the right steps to gain victory over our enemy.
It’s very hard these days to find a Muslim who is willing to serve his religion and die for it. If there are any Muslims who have these two characteristics the leadership will do their utmost best to preserve them. The motivation of this group is something which money can’t buy. It’s a gift from the Creator of the heavens and earth to this Ummah. To make it more clear I will give an example: lets say you’re walking by a river with your friends. You see something floating in a distance but you’re not really sure what it is. After a few seconds you come to the realization that a young child is drowning in the river. What will happen in the coming few seconds are the most important seconds of the whole situation. Someone from the group is going to act and make a difference. The leader of the group is going to use task distribution. He will ask someone to call an Ambulance and choose the fittest person for the rescue operation. What we learn from this example is that without the leader the child would have drowned. But let us turn over the task distribution. What would happen if the leader would send a weak person to rescue the child? He would end up with two dead people between his hands!
An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.” (Quotations)
Foundation of security
Security is one of the most important pillar for a Mujahid or a Jihady group. Without security the group will fail miserably and become an easy target for the enemy. Every Jihady group needs to have a written plan regarding security. I’m not talking about a plan which is written down only for the sake of having a plan. I’m talking about a plan which needs to be implemented by every member of the group. Security is not something you can find in books or in manuals. Security is something you need to develop by using counter measures against the enemy. It’s important to have knowledge about security and warfare but not implementing the knowledge is called stupidity. We could compare it with a scholar who knows everything about the Islamic religion but doesn’t pray a rak’a to Allah.
The likeness of those who were entrusted with the Tawrah, but did not carry it, is as the likeness of a donkey which carries huge burdens of books. How bad is the example of people who deny the Ayat of Allah. And Allah does not guide the people who are wrongdoers. (Quran 

Every Jihady operation needs to have a strong foundation of security. What will happen to a huge building with a weak foundation? The building will collapse and crush the people, right? the same thing will happen with a jihady group or a lone wolf who plans to carry out a big operation with a weak foundation of security.
The implementation of security measures. 
How higher the position of a member the more security measures need to be implemented by the organization. The security measures which are implemented for a commander are not the same which are implemented for a low ranking fighter. Security measures need to protect the individual and safeguard their information.
O’ you who believe! Take your precautions… (Qur’an 4: 71)

Security measures need to fit in the environment of the individual. If the person is known by the enemy the organization needs to take different security measures than a person who is not know by the enemy. For example; The spokesman of the youth mujahiden movement is known to the enemy but the leader of Al-Shabaab is not known to the enemy. There are hundreds of images of the spokesman and not a single one of the leader. This shows us that the spokesman has the permission to present himself to the world and the leader not. This is a new tactic is being used by many jihady groups after the martyrdom of Abu Mus’ab May Allah have mercy on him.
Sense of Security and infiltration
The first and most important for the security of a mujahid is Knowing who you work with. If you don’t know who your partners are, this will cause insecurity. You could expose your self and your group to informants of various intelligence agencies. If the group is infiltrated by the intelligence agencies then you don’t have another choice than to break up the group.
In the books of warfare we find that, surprise attacks are the most effective blows to an army or a resistance group. if the enemy succeeds in infiltrating an army or a group this will have a major effect on every singe individual. Everyone is going to focus on each other and forget the main cause of the group. While the other group is busy with finding the informants, the enemy will prepare another surprise attack which will strike fear and terror in the hearts of the soldiers. If we read the reports about the attacks of New york and Washington we find that the American government were surprised by the attacks. After the attacks, the Americans were expecting other attacks in different cities. The fear and terror which was going through the veins of America after the attacks were heavier than the day of the attacks. Al-Qaeda managed to infiltrate America and attack them with their own technology.
If there is a sense of security between the mujahiden this will motivate them to proceed with military operations against the enemy. If the group is getting eliminated every day by the enemy this will demotivate the mujahiden and strike fear and insecurity between them.
Security examples from the Seerah of the Prophet
If we study the biography of the prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) we find many examples regarding security. If we study the first stage of preparation for the migration to Medina, we find many security measures which were implemented by the prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him. The foundation of the security plan was prepared in the house of Abu Bakr. The first measure was to order Ali to sleep in the bed of the prophet peace be upon him. The polytheist used to peep through the door lock to be sure the prophet was still sleeping in his bed. The second measure was to locate a place to go into hiding for 3 days. Many people don’t pay any attention to the details of the biography. Why did the prophet peace be upon him choose the cave at Thawr mountain as a hiding place? The prophet peace be upon him walked to the cave at the time the shepherds walked by the Thawr mountain. He did this so that the sheep and camels would erase the tracks of him and Abu Bakr. These are only two examples of hundreds of examples we find in the Seerah of the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him.
Security development
The war between the Mujahiden and the crusader forces is a war of intelligence. The first rule of intelligence war is “Who is going to find the other first“. If we look at the war between the Americans and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan/Pakistan, we find a war of unmanned drones and spies against an invisible enemy which is only known by their military operations. The Americans are not fighting people who have uniforms and military bases. They are fighting people who are living near to the enemy. Some of them are not only living near the enemy but with the enemy in their military bases. The best example of intelligence war is the operation which killed seven CIA commanders in Khost province. This operation was one of the most difficult operation executed by the soldiers of Al-Qaeda.
If we want to operate on high levels we need to study the technology our enemy is using to harm our leaders, soldiers and supporters. It’s impossible to implement security measures without knowing what the enemy is using against you. If we look at the security measures we used 10 years ago it becomes worthless these days. For example; ten year ago we used mobile phones to communicate with each other. If we use mobile phones these days this will definitely cause harm and destruction to the mujahiden. Therefore we use different tools to outsmart the enemy. Some times it’s better to use simple things than complicated tools which cost allot of money.
You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.” (Quotations)
This is what I have to say about the importance of security. If I have some free time, I will write part 2 Insha’Allah.
And Allah is predominant over His affair, but most of the people do not know. {Yusuf 12:21}
O Allah, grant victory to the Mujahedeen over their enemy… Don’t make them reliant on their sayings and doings, and be merciful upon them and be for them and not against them… O Allah, make them from the believers who remember You and fear You and rely on You truly, and make them, O Allah, from the repenting worshippers who fear and obey You… O Allah, make them from those who are the victors before You, those who are deserving of Your victory.. O Allah, reveal upon them your victory, O Lord of the worlds… O Allah, reveal upon them your victory and make them steadfast and shake the earth from below the feet of their enemies, O Victory granter O Helper!
And Allah knows best… and peace and blessings of Allah on our Prophet Muhammad and on his family and companions altogether…

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Sunday December 11th 2011