Minbar Media presents a new video message from Jund al-Khilāfah: "Overthrow the Tyrant"

UPDATE 12/18/11 6:26 PM: Here is an English translation of the below video:
The massacre that happened in Zhanaozen where tens of the general public were killed, it appears to us that the regime of Nazarbayev doesn’t fight the mujahidin only, but rather he fights the whole Kazakh people. He wasn’t satisfied by plundering the money of the people and oppressing it, but moreover he banned people from their right in worshiping Allah.
O’ Kazakh people: your blood is ours blood, and your souls are our souls. Insha’Allah we won’t leave this event pass quietly. We call you to continue your revolt against the regime of Nazarbayev. Since this regime aims to deform the identity of the Kazakh people.
Beginning from today we don’t only demand from you to cancel unjust laws, but we demand to expel Nazarbayev and his aids in governance.
Allah Akbar
Jund Al-Khliafa