Jihadology presents Academic Journal Articles of 2011, Part III

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Mun’im Sirry — Jamāl al-Dīn al-Qāsimī and the Salafi Approach to Sufism
Norshahril Saat — Islamising Malayness- Ulama discourse and authority in contemporary Malaysia
Omar Ashour — Post-Jihadism- Libya and the Global Transformations of Armed Islamist Movements
Paul Lawrence Rose — Muhammad, The Jews and the Constitution of Medina- Retrieving the historical Kernel
Peter Neumann, Ryan Evans, and Raffaello Pantucci — Locating Al Qaeda’s Center of Gravity- The Role of Middle Managers
Petter Nesser — Ideologies of Jihad in Europe
Recep Dogan — Is Honor Killing a “Muslim Phenomenon”? Textual Interpretations and Cultural Representations
Risa A. Brooks — Muslim “Homegrown” Terrorism in the United States- How Serious Is the Threat?
Romain Caillet — A French Jihadi in Crisis- “Role Exit” and Repression
Sam Mullins — Islamist Terrorism and Australia- An Empirical Examination of the “Home-Grown” Threat
Simon Cottee and Keith Hayward — Terrorist (E)motives- The Existential Attractions of Terrorism
Sobhi Rayan — Ibn Taymiyya’s Criticism of the Syllogism
Stéphane Lacroix — Is Saudi Arabia Immune?
Tim Winter — America as a Jihad State- Middle Eastern Perceptions of Modern American Theopolitics
Thomas Hegghammer — The Rise of Muslim  Foreign Fighters- Islam and the Globalization of Jihad
Yahya Michot — Ibn Taymiyyah’s “New Mardin Fatwa”. Is Genetically Modified Islam (GMI) Carcinogenic?
Yasin Dutton — Orality, Literacy and the ‘Seven Aḥruf’ Ḥadīth
Yunus Dumbe and Abdulkader Tayob — Salafis in Cape Town in Search of Purity, Certainty and Social Impact