New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Inhumane Crime Committed by the American Savages in Qandahār"

The sick minded American savages, in continuation of their barbaric actions have once again reached out to committing a blood-soaked and inhumane crime in Panjwai district’s Zangawat region, Kandahar province today. According to their own statistics, more than 20 defenseless villagers were directly
shot and killed whereas the scene testifies to numbers far greater than that. A large number from amongst the victims are innocent children, women and the elderly, martyred by the American barbarians who mercilessly robbed them of their precious lives and drenched their hands with their innocent blood.
According to witnesses from the scene, the American savages perpetrated this crime in the homes of three such villagers which posed no threat to them militarily or security wise and neither were theses martyred villagers a menace to them.
The American ‘terrorists’ want to come up with an excuse for the perpetrator of this inhumane crime by claiming that this immoral culprit was mentally ill.
If the perpetrators of this massacre were in fact mentally-ill then this testifies to yet another moral transgression by the American military because they are arming lunatics in Afghanistan who turn their weapons against the defenseless Afghans without giving a second thought.
Is there any military stipulation in the entire world which gives legality for unstable persons to be armed and be drafted into the military and then be given the duty of so-called peace keeping?
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, while sympathizing with the victims of this savage act as part of its Islamic and human obligation, gives assurance to their heirs that it shall take revenge from the invaders and the savage murderers for every single martyr with the help of Allah (SWT) and they shall receive punishment for their barbaric actions.
The Islamic Emirate once again calls on all the international human right organizations and NGOs, as part of their human conscience, to help the Afghans in preventing such unjustifiable crimes by the American invaders from taking place and to put them on trial as part of its moral obligation.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
11/03/2012 – 18/04/1433