New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Elucidatory Statement Regarding the Barbaric Crime of the American Savages in Zangawat"

The barbaric crime carried out by the American savages on Sunday night was strongly condemned by all the morally conscience people of the world as a sadistic act and the savage perpetrators were considered as the violators of all human ethics and principles however the stance chosen by the barbaric Americans was once again
in opposition to that of the entire world. They once pronounced this intentional savage act as an unfortunate action carried out by a lone mentally broken down soldier.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan issued an official statement in the initial phases of this atrocity but deems it necessary to elucidate its position after the unjustifiable explanations and interpretations conjured by the Americans:

  1. The American invaders are claiming that a single mentally-ill soldier was the perpetrator of this unambiguous crime and consider it as an individual transgression and unintentional action in order to protect themselves from legal action. But according to witnesses and the scale of the crime scene, it becomes clear that this was not act of a deranged individual but rather the actions of a group which was intentional and pre-planned. All the cautionary military steps were also taken including the use of air-power. Therefore all the international right groups and judicial organs should treat them as war criminals and they should be handed over to the heirs of the martyrs for Qisas Bil-misl (death for killing) in accordance with criminal law.
  2. The occupying Americans claim that there were only 16 people killed in this massacre but according to witnesses and the number of observed funerals, that number is far exceeded, the heirs of whom demand justice for their dead from the murderers.
  3. The American invaders once again extended empty apologies to relieve themselves of this crime and for it to be forgotten. Instead of seeking forgiveness from the families of the victims, it sent apologies to its puppet Karzai which in itself is a crime and which will not be accepted by the Afghan people in any circumstance.
  4. Karzai, his stooge regime’s insensate members and the puppet provincial officials, as the defenders of the American invaders, are shedding crocodile tears as sign of sympathy with the victims and on the other hand, are brushing off this crime as an ordinary incident with a few empty words. They have even banned the courageous people of Kandahar and the country from taking to the streets which clearly demonstrates their utter hypocrisy besides it being considered as rubbing salt on the victim’s wounds.
  5. The Islamic Emirate, as the defenders of the legitimate rights of the oppressed Afghan people, once again warns the American savages that its Mujahideen will not be content except by avenging its oppressed countrymen. With the divine help of Allah Almighty, we shall cut off the heads of your murderous sadistic troops in every corner of the country in revenge for the martyrdom of every single Afghan and we shall not desist from utilizing any means for this purpose.
  6. Similarly, the Islamic Emirate would like to remind the people of America and its allies including NATO that this unforgiving crime of your soldiers depicts a very clear picture of your human rights and human sympathy to the Afghans and the entire world!!! It clearly shows your anti-human conduct against defenseless Afghans from afar. You must understand that with such crimes, you have played the role of the true inheritors of the Nazi’s and not that of peace-keepers but pay strict attention, if you do not control your stubborn governments then such actions will cost you a very hefty price.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan