New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Reaction to the False Claims of Resumption of Talks with America"

Some media outlets published reports yesterday that a source (unkown) of Islamic Emirate has told British Channel 4 that talks have resumed between Islamic Emirate and America and that so far 2 meetings have taken place between the two parties all the while these allegations have no basis and are nothing more than baseless claims.
From the day the Islamic Emirate suspended talks with the Americans up until today, all contacts and meetings have ceased between the representatives of America and Islamic Emirate. Just as was stated in the statement regarding suspension of talks with America, the Islamic Emirate will not resume talks until the Americans take constructive steps and fulfill promises which were agreed upon for confidence building.
Due to this, we once again call on all media outlets to follow the ethics of journalism and refrain from publishing such baseless and misleading reports just for propaganda. Before publishing a report, confirmation about its authenticity should be acquired from the spokesman of Islamic Emirate. We have observed some media outlets in the past decade which repeatedly create and publish rumors in order to maintain a malicious propaganda atmosphere.
Hence, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan requests all impartial news agencies to avoid publishing reports sourced from such media outlets associated with known circles without receiving verification from Islamic Emirate while all the accepted rules of journalism should be observed.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan