New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's Zabīhullah Mujāhid: "Reaction Regarding the Death Penalty Handed Out to the Afghan Warrior"

Abdul Sauboor is a valiant Afghan Mujahid and for the freedom, independence and establishment of Shariah on his own mother land, he opened fire on French invaders in Kapisa province on 20th January 2012 while they have no right to immunity in our country. The champion killed and wounded several French invaders in
the heroic attack which shall forever be decorated in the history of this nation. If such an act is considered a ‘crime’ then surely Wazir Muhammad Akbar Khan was the biggest criminal!! who killed McNaughten to achieve the independence and freedom of his country.
The Islamic Emirate commends this gallant act of the knight Abdul Sauboor who sent several French to the pits of hellfire a while back in Kapisa. And those stooge faces and persons who passed such irresponsible judgments regarding this hero only to please their masters are positioning themselves in complete opposition to Islamic principles and Afghan history and are selling out a hero of this nation.
The Islamic Emirate warns and reminds these dollar worshippers that all irresponsible judgments and actions passed against the ‘Ghazi’ Abdul Suboor will carry with itself a hefty reaction. All those so called judges and lawyers involved in this will be personally targeted and every vulgarity against this hero will be avenged. The cowardly stooges should realize that their masters are on the run and can no longer provide them with security and a safe life while the judgment of our nation against them, in accordance with Islamic principles, shall be that which befits their national treason and subversion.
The Islamic Emirate comforts the Afghan ‘Ghazi’ Abdul Suboor and other champions like him that all of their Mujahideen brothers will stand behind them and shall quickly and effectively avenge all cruel actions against them, Allah willing. The Islamic Emirate advises these heroic Mujahideen to have patience, forbearance and perseverance and tells them to completely rely on Allah and be at ease with what Allah Almighty has written in their affair. This will, Allah willing, be better for them. They should hope for a brighter afterlife, pray to Allah and aspire for al-Firdows. They have championed the religion of Allah and Allah immensely rewards and beautifies the end and afterlife of those who champion his religion. They should rest assured that the fruits of their sacrifices have ripened and the invaders are on the verge of fleeing. The day is not far that an independent Islamic government shall be established due to the blessings of their sacrifices.
The spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
Zabihullah Mujahid
28/08/1432 A.H.
28/04/1391     18/07/2012