New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "In The Recent Past Why The Enemy Has Accelerated Unsubstantiated Propaganda?"

Shawwal 14, 1433 A.H, Sunday, September 02, 2012

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful. 
Overall the enemy has taken full advantage from baseless and unfounded propaganda as an important part of their war strategy. In the beginning when they were going to attack Afghanistan they started this kind of propaganda. Not only in Afghanistan but also in Iraq they interpreted their illegal intervention on the basis of such false and unjustifiable propaganda. Later on it was proved that their justification was totally wrong and nothing illegal was found there.
It was just because of this false and baseless propaganda that the short sighted and warmonger politicians of the west lost their credibility in the world community. They are also facing the deep disgust of their own people, to the extent that their masses came out to the streets because of their wrong and malicious policies.
In the holy month of Ramadan especially in the last ten days the enemy had a severe blow by the Mujahidin which took them to task. They turned towards propaganda to spread distrust among Mujahidin. In this way they wanted to decrease the quality and quantity of the attacks of Mujahidin.
A few days earlier an official of the puppet regime of Karzai administration said that they had met Mulla Birather in Islamabad for peace talks. But after a very short span of time another official of this dependent administration denied his colleague’s statement. The helpless and restless administration of Karzai is weak and incompetent on such a high level that it cannot fully investigate and analyze the incidents. This is the reason that there is total contradiction between their statements.
Another news given by them is the meeting of some high level officials of Islamic Emirate in Dubai including Agha Jan Motasim, whereas he has no official designation in Islamic Emirate since long.
They also spread the news that Islamic Emirate has brought changes in their policies regarding female education, national army and terrorism. The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly said that neither it was against the female education nor it is, in the light of Islamic rules and national interests. But the rights and education provided by the west for the honor and magnanimity of women is only an empty slogan; which is acceptable neither by the spiritual and religious minded Muslim masses of Afghanistan in general nor by the modest and virtuous women of Afghanistan in particular.
Similarly differentiation should be made between terrorism and the defense from one’s own rights. The trespassers have invaded the Afghan nation and their freedom is denied. Their sanctities, culture and glories all are on stake. Everyone has the right to defend ones faith, soil and sanctity according to all internal laws. It is never terrorism and no rational man can call it terrorism.
Why the enemy is making this kind of baseless and false propaganda? Everyone knows the reason. The enemy wants to conceal its defeat and divert peoples’ attention. But the realities should be accepted. Instead of reaching its malicious objectives by this kind of baseless propaganda which is not possible forever, it is better to surrender to the ground realities. They should handover the rights of the Afghan nation to them. They should discontinue their killing and torturing. Let the oppressed Afghan Nation determine its destiny by itself.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan