Articles of the Week – 11/24-11/30

Saturday November 24:
Spoiling the Gaza Ceasefire – Aaron Y. Zelin, The Atlantic:
Monday November 26:
The Muslim-American neighbour as terrorist: The representation of a Muslim family in 24 – Rolf Halse, Journal of Arab and Muslim Media Research:
The Cyber Terror Bogeyman – Peter W. Singer, Armed Forces Journal:
Tuesday November 27:
Beyond al-Qa’ida – Bill Braniff, START:
Thursday November 29:
Muslim Soldiers in Non-Muslim Militaries at War in Muslim Lands: The Soviet, American and Indian Experience – Christian Bleuer, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs:
First Century Sources for the Life of Muḥammad? A Debate – Andreas Görke, Harald Motzki, & Gregor Schoeler, Der Islam:
Early Versions of the shahāda: A Tombstone from Aswan of 71 A.H., the Dome of the Rock, and Contemporary Coinage – Jere L. Bacharach and Sherif Anwar, Der Islam:
Friday November 30:
Revisiting the Salafi-jihadist Threat in Xinjiang – Kendrick T. Kuo, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs: