New statement from the Muslim Youth Center: "Moving East: Whatever It Takes To Support Our Mujāhidīn"

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
Mererani (11/12/2012) – For a number of years, MYC and mujahideen from other East African countries have been supporting our beloved brothers Al-Shabaab in Somalia to fend off the onslaught of the Kuffar. MYC for its part has contributed immensely to Jihad in Somalia, and now Jihad in the region of East Africa with the obvious emphasis on Kenya.
Our focus on the region of East Africa should not be viewed as an admission of defeat in Somalia. In fact, as many of the mujahideen will know, MYC lions and cubs continue to work closely with our brothers in Al-Shabaab in Somalia on declaring Jihad on the Kuffar invaders and their apostate allies who dare call themselves Muslims. Insha’Allah, MYC will never leave the side of our brothers in Al-Shabaab but stand shoulder to shoulder with the lions of Sheikh Abu Zubeyr.
MYC’s decision to focus on Kenya and the wider East African region is but a mere continuation of the Jihad in Somalia and not defeat as the Kuffar continues to falsely propagate to its meek public. Jihad takes many forms and many routes. As our brothers Al-Shabaab and our Kenyan mujahideen combat the Kuffar inside Somalia, MYC and its lions will continue to spread the sword here in East Africa making Kenya an example for other East African countries.
It is now time for the mujahideen in East Africa to join MYC in Kenya and our brothers in Tanzania confront the evil that the Kuffar represents to our sacred religion of Islam. As Sheikh Aboud Rogo (May Allah grant him the highest place in Jannah), our mentor would say about the Kuffar: “the Kuffar understands one language and it’s the language of the sword”, we must now take all measures to first, defend Islam, and second, support our brothers Al-Shabaab in declaring Jihad on the Kuffar both inside Somalia and in East Africa.
Press Office