Jihadology presents Think Tank/NGO/Policy/Gov Reports and Articles of 2012, Part V

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Sanaa Karim — Party Politics for Morocco’s Salafis?
Saudi Arabia’s Curriculum of Intolerance
Scott Helfstein — Edges of Radicalization- Ideas, Individuals and Networks in Violent Extremism
Shiraz Maher & Peter R Neumann — Al-Qaeda at the Crossroads- How the terror group is responding to the loss of its leaders & the Arab Spring
Sir David Omand, Jamie Bartlett, and Carl Miller — “A balance between security and privacy online must be struck…” #INTELLIGENCE
Stéphane Lacroix — Osama Bin Laden And The Saudi Muslim Brotherhood
Stéphane Lacroix — Sheikhs and Politicians- Inside the New Egyptian Salafism
Stephen J. Blank — Russia’s Homegrown Insurgency- Jihad in the North Caucasus
Steven Brooke — Bin Laden’s Commitment to the Covenant
The New Salafi Politics
Tyler Evans and Esin Efe — Who’s Who in Turkey’s Justice and Development Party?
Usama Hasan — No Compulsion in Religion- An Islamic Case Against Blasphemy Laws
William McCants — A New Salafi Politics
William McCants — Al Qaeda Is Doing Nation-Building. Should We Worry
William McCants — The Lesser of Two Evils- The Salafi Turn to Party Politics in Egypt
William McCants — The Sources of Salafi Conduct
Wolfram Lacher — Organized Crime and Conflict in the Sahel-Sahara Region
Zachary Chesser- A Case Study in Online Islamist  Radicalization and Its Meaning for the  Threat of Homegrown Terrorism

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