New video message from Dr. Iyād Qanībī: "Mali and the Torch of Freedom"

UPDATE 1/31/13 8:04 AM: Here is an English translation of the below Arabic video message:
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the Name of Allaah the Most Gracious, Most Merciful
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaah.
Ikhwatil Kiraam we would like to in these minutes review some important points in regards to the the World Campaign against the Muslims of Mali, the beginning:
1) Mali is one of the the ancient capitals of Islam, established the Islamic University of Timbuktu about nine hundred years ago, so it thus has one of the oldest universities in the world.
2) Mali lived under the light of Muslim countries for centuries, including the Kingdom of Songhai who was the Sultan of Morocco who had alliance with Elizabeth I of England in Britain to invade in 1591 destroying civilization and enslaved its people and scientists such as Ahmed Baba Altenbkta.
What many do not know that a number of those forcibly enslaved Crusader West in Mali and other African countries were graduates of universities and Muslim scholars, such as the Senegalese Omar bin Said, who died in 1864 AD and who his pictures are still in the American Historical Archive.
4) After that France occupied Mali in the late nineteenth century and exercised heinous crimes, and did not let it only after they planted the agent system to ensure continued control over the financial and plunder its riches. The successive regimes oppression of the Muslim people, especially Tuareg Arabs Almtozein northern Mali and neighboring countries.
5) Then arose liberal movements demanding autonomy and better living conditions. But these movements are not of an Islamic character, making the international communities follow their of inclusion and calling for negotiations with the central government.
These negotiations were always going end with promises from the puppet central government which soon show their falseness.
Then a revival of Islam appeared amongst the Tuareg groups. It became evident and demonstrated its vision and learned that there’s no salvation for the people only by applying the law of Allaah which united the Sons of ethnicity on the same Word, and achieving Justice and freedom from dependence on France and salvation and an end from the corruption and persecution carried out by the puppet central governments, and the Muslims achieved the good in this world and the Hereafter.
7) From amongst these groups Ansar al-Din led by Iyad Ghali -may God protect him-, who had tried diplomacy and action by the consul of the State of Mali, Saudi Arabia, and then he retired from these ways and established Jama’at Ansar al-Din, allying with other Islamic groups; they joined on the will to apply the Sharia and the liberalization of Mali from the dominance of France and their client governments.
The literature of Jama’at Ansar al-Din my brothers is featured on the purity of Aqidah wa Manhaj, balance and wisdom, mercy, and the stability and realistic all attest to the presence of scientists Akaber in this group, and realistic all are a reflection of the big Scholars in this community, and regarding the existence of an integral, civilizational project despite the lack of resources. (subhan Allah).
This is clearly reflected in the interviews with Sand Walid Bu’amama – spokesman for the group, which stipulated that the targets of Ansar al-Din are..
Building the Islamic project and the resumption of Islamic life in the land under our hands in various spheres of life, and focus on the urgent aspects as an area of the religious judiciary, education and advocacy, counseling, and raising generations of Islamic morality, and correct beliefs of Muslims and their businesses, and to protect them from the preachers of Kufr, deceit, establishing security and safety in the urban and rural areas; filling the minimum needs of people’s lives. And the involvement of people in this industry project and convincing them that contribution to this is an composed Ibaadah (worship), which its inevitable for a Muslim to perform, to tolerate and to endure.
9) here my brothers we can begin to understand why the International community deal with such violence and bloodshed, and refused dialogue with Ansar al-Din and its allies. The former British Home Secretary Charles Clarke in his speech on terrorism in the (Heritage Foundation) in Washington on 5/10/2005, said: (What motivates these terrorists is ideas. Liberation movements that have arisen in many parts of the world after World War II, on political ideas such as independence, equality and freedom of expression. such ambitions are negotiable, have been negotiated, many of them already. but what does not assume nor accept negotiation (reiterating his expressions: what can not be negotiated) is restoration of the caliphate. what does not accept negotiation is imposed Sharia. does not accept negotiation is gender inequality (of course these “cosmetic” comments are thrown in every place!). does not accept negotiation is to prevent freedom of expression. these values ​​are the foundations of our civilization is simply non-negotiable” end of quote
10) Completely just like him, French Prime Minister after the start of the current campaign said: (negotiate with? With terrorists settled in northern Mali. Imposing Sharia law … cut off the hands and destroying buildings, considering the human heritage)
(He means shrines that worship other than Allah.)
11) Of course my brothers he hasn’t returned sane, he carefully deceives the international society on “the rights of women”, and it violates their rights in Syria for two years! and “freedom of expression” while Syrian slaughtered with knives! These slogans are chanted by yet we see Muslims in Burma being roasted alive and cut.
12) So, then the issue is simply. That the international community never bear the idea of the application of the Shariah-law anywhere in the world. This idea is not for discussion and negotiation, as it means the appearance of a bright model which humanity so desperately needs and long-suffered human bondage of capitalism and greed … it means nullifying the magic of the media machine/media-god that worked so long to distort the concept of Sharia’.
Our brothers in Ansar Dine (Supporters of the Religion) thus went into an area where safety is spread and Rahmat among people, and Stopping taxes and resource exploitation. and distributed evenly, and kept the people of other religions their rights, and favored the vulnerable over themselves.
The success of this land of Mali is a sample that provides and area for the people; compared to man-made regimes which already failed humanity with many potions of woes and calamities.
14) In the same way the Arab regimes do not bear the success of this model, which will become a beacon and an example for people seeking dignity, and will reveal the falsehood of the rulers, the fatwas of the Wali al Amr and the stage of vulnerability and (Maslaha wal Mafsada) benefit and harm. And there wasn’t a better time than it was now! Hence they’re in spiteful treason and in complicity with France against Ansar-Dine. Wealthy nations of Muslims that wasted funds in foolishness while the Muslims of Mali die and others are starving.
I recently realized their presence on the map, they’ve provided no money to support them, BUT rather to help France to kill them and free them from such hunger! And some of the movements, which tread on the path of democracy like Tunisia who opened its airspace and provided full support to the crusader war as they fight each model that apply Sharia honestly and open the eyes of its people to the Handalah of thier democracy.
15) the international community, who oversaw the domestication of the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, Libya, and oversaw the democratic elections because he sees their demands are subject to negotiation, is the same that moves violently and bloodily, refusing to negotiate in Mali as they did before in Afghanistan and Somalia. Therefore, this is the corner to all you want to apply sharia.
16) spokesman for Ansar Din Sand Bu’amamah said: “Ansar al-Din is at the stage of force upon acceptance to negotiate and seek a solution with any other party which has no impact in this land, provided with one condition one does not compromise it and it should not be a stumbling block in the way of arbitration in religion of God, which for Him we carried arms and fought the war. and whatever is besides that, we accept debate in which there is the mercy of people and excuses to God, having mercy on our brothers the Mujahideen newly joining. “Finished his words, may Allaah protect him
17) but the group had commended the mediation by Algeria in the negotiations before they are well aware that Algeria is in the end part of their international system and implementing its policies. But Ansar Dine, were putting every gesture to avoid antagonizing neighboring regimes. But in regards to the international community then ruling by the Deen of Allaah – simply – does not accept negotiation.
18) then war began and Mujaahideen withdrew from cities out of generosity to people because the Crusaders and their helpers are bombing cities randomly as long as the mujahideen where there, and repeated scenes same that we have seen before in Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Chechnya: Whenever the uniformed troops entered, the city had embraced Mujahideen and the troops infringed on them and people where executed in the streets, honour was violated and Death to them for their support of the mujahideen.
19) but my brothers reviewing the the Black bonded slavery of the West in Mali, then persecution of the puppet government of the Touareg and the Arabs and corruption in dealing with people in general, and after the Muslims in Mali tasted (Hilaawat-al aysh fi ‘Dhilaal ash Shariah) the sweetness to live in the shadow of Shari’a for a few months, it is not expected to succeed the campaign to eradicate the Islamic project in Mali, Even if spent on the general elements of Ansar al-Din and other Islamist groups, the women in Mali are delighted, those who opt for dignity will remain giving birth to heroes. This is a new area of ​​conflict between the truth and falsehood, so it will remain wrestling and battling till Allaah stamps out falsehood with the Haq and it vanishes and the volcano of Islaam will erupt, biitnillah.
20) At the same time, we expect our brothers in Mali to be exposed to calamities and scrutiny, the gold clouds if Enter the bellows. فإن الذهب يصفو إذا أدخل الكير.
Eleven years ago, when the world invaded Afghanistan, we thought as many Muslims thought, that Allaah will resolve the matter quickly miraculously from him and supporting His slaves in the Taliban. Then suddenly, the cities fall and Mujaahideen are captured as Aseer and killed in thousands, and painful images are spread. Like the image of a Mujahid being removed from his trench by the Northern Alliance Coalition who was barricaded on the borders of Kabul after they released fire on him, shot him down his stomach then dragged him onto the ground and took off his pants and finished him off with gunfire … these images stun us because we did not realize the Sunan Ullah (laws of Allaah) in examining His slaves and teaching them, and taking martyrs of them. It seemed like it to many, like Allahs Deen will never be established in that land for decades. Then here we are today we see the world begging Afghan mujahideen to sit at the negotiating table and meet 139 countries at the Bonn conference a year ago to discuss her plight with the Mujaahideen after the withdrawal of international troops planned to be next year, and we ask Allaah to keep the Mujaahideen steadfast to reject any negotiation at the expense of the establishment of Sharia. It may be more members of the Taliban had been killed during these eleven years, but with thier blood they lit the spark of freedom and love of Shari’a in the hearts of many of the Afghan people.
21) as well as our brothers in Mali will remain, God willing, visible on the Truth, does not harm who betrayed them or let them down … they lit torch the spark of the law and freedom from slavery servitude to humans, so even if Allaah chose His general Servants the Mujahideen to be on his side, the torch that they done lit up will not be turned of -by the permission Allaah- until the oil is touching the Fitrah (the natural instinct) in the hearts of Muslims and we erupt the volcano of pride to burn the earth beneath the Tyrant ruling and enemies of humanity, and we are living leading the Muslims to a new glory.
22) so let each one of us in himself choose his place in this torch, because whoever contributes with a good arrow then Congratulations, and he who blew to extinguish it then indeed Allaah will distinguish His light even if the disbelievers hate it, and whoever stops just watching then prepare to stand before Allah for an answer.
23) Let us clarify the truth of this crusade and a betrayal of those who participated min bani jildatina (from our own color) and advocate for our brothers who have the same right to us as to our brothers of our fathers and mothers. أخوة الدين مقدمة على أخوة الدم والنسب brotherhood in the deen is based on blood brothership and desecent.
Wassalamu ‘elaykom Wa Rahmatullaah.
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy.
Dr. Iyad Qunebi