Articles of the Week – 5/18-5/24

Sunday May 19:
The evolving Taleban: changes in the insurgency’s DNA – Claudio Franco, Afghanistan Analysts Network: 
Monday May 20:
Amnesty for Boko Haram: Lessons from the Past – Alex Thurston, African Futures: 
Hizballah’s Multiplying Qusayr Martyrs – Phillip Smyth, Jihadology: 
Tuesday May 21:
Usama bin Laden Called Yunus Khalis “the Father Sheikh:” Weird But Possibly True – Kevin Bell, Jihadica: 
Emotions and the Microfoundations of the Arab Uprisings – Wendy Pearlman, Perspectives on Politics: 
A Few Notes on Shi’ism in Syria and the Emergence of a Pro-Asad Shi’i Militia, Liwa’ Abu’l Fadl al-’Abbas – Christopher Anzalone, al-Wasat:
Wednesday May 22:
Hezbollah’s Fallen Soldiers – Phillip Smyth, Foreign Policy: 
Is Jabhat al-Nosra breaking apart? – Aron Lund, Syria Comment: 
Insurgent Compensation: Evidence from Iraq – Benjamin W. Bahney, Radha K. Iyengar, Patrick B. Johnston, Danielle F. Jung, Jacob N. Shapiro, and Howard J. Shatz, American Economic Review:
Thursday May 23:
Mali’s Challenges Post-French Intervention – Anouar Boukhars, CTC Sentinel: 
Morocco’s Stability in the Wake of the Arab Spring – Camille Tawil, CTC Sentinel: 
The Significance of Taliban Shari`a Courts in Afghanistan – Jami Forbes, CTC Sentinel: 
Friday May 24:
Ishmael as Abraham’s Sacrifice: Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn Kathīr on the Intended Victim – Younus Y. Mirza, Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations: 
Fear Factor: In defense of Obama’s deadly signature strikes – Philip Mudd, Foreign Policy: 
A table on what people mean by “lone wolves” and other terms – Andrew Zammit, The Murphy Raid: 
Living in Fear: Religious Identity, Relative Deprivation and the Boko Haram Terrorism – Daniel Egiegba Agbiboa, African Security: