New interview from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "With the head of the ‘Economic Commission’"

In the current Jihad against the western infidel invasion over Afghanistan, on one side, it is a huge war from the involvement of human force and their casualties’ point of view and on the other side, this war is counted in the category of the largest and unparalleled wars of the world from the economic point of view.
The western alliance, headed by America, invaded Afghanistan at a time when the western invading countries were at the climax of their economic strength as compared to any other time. Particularly, the United States of America had made unprecedented economic growth and it was this economic development which made Gorge Bush so arrogant that he launched wars against the Muslim world.
It is a well-known fact that resistance against such a war, which enjoys a colossal economic strength behind, also needs a large amount of expenditure and financial sacrifices. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, by the support and help of Allah Almighty, has been busy in Jihad for the last 11 years against the biggest economic powers. On one side, the Islamic Ummah has rendered unparalleled sacrifices and on the other side, their financial sacrifices and Jihad can be considered a historical and epoch making deed. This was due to the incomparable financial sacrifices of the Afghan Muslim Nation in particular and the whole Muslim Umma in general, which led the current Jihad to the point of success against the colossal economic powers of the world.
For having a better understanding of the financial system, economic programs and the needs of the Islamic Emirate, we have conducted an interview with the director of the ‘Economic Commission’ of the Islamic Emirate, Mulla Abu Ahmad. We would like to draw your attention towards it.
Question: First of all we welcome you. To begin, if you could give us information about the Economic Commission of the Islamic Emirate and shed some light over its setup.
Answer: الحمدلله رب العلمین ، والصلوة والسلام علی سیدالمرسلین محمد وعلی آله واصحابه اجمعین وبعد:
First of all, I would like to thank you for having me here. As far as your question is concerned, the ‘Economic Commission’ is in-charge and liable for financial and economic affairs in the official setup of the Islamic Emirate. It has the responsibility of managing and organizing all the financial affairs related to the Islamic Emirate.
In addition to its central bureau, it has representatives and setups in all provinces of Afghanistan. Similarly, it has its representatives and setups for collecting funds in all parts of the country, neighboring countries, Arab world and in most parts of the Muslim world. The financial support of the ordinary Muslim people with Mujahidin through which they participate in financial Jihad, reaches to the Economic Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan through these representatives. The Economic Commission then distributes this money in various Jihadi activities through a well-organized and transparent program.
Question: If you could give us information about collecting the funds i.e. how can the ordinary people financially support the Islamic Emirate from inside the country or from any part of the world?
Answer: As I told you before that we have our representatives inside Afghanistan, the neighboring countries, the gulf countries and some other countries of the world. Whosoever wants to make a contribution to the Islamic Emirate, he can contact us on the following E-mail address for his surety and satisfaction.
The E-mail address is: [email protected]
Similarly, the following numbers are always live for contact and those who want to donate to the Islamic Emirate, can get in contact with our representatives.
Let me explain one thing. Sometimes the enemy highly propagates that they are closely watching the transfer of Mujahidin’s funds and now they cannot collect money from various parts of the world or dispatch money. I would like to say that this is a hollow propaganda. Mujahidin are utilizing quite safe ways and resources for the collection and transfer of funds. Through this procedure neither the donator is endangered nor the one collector. Therefore, I can say with full confidence that the surveillance of the enemy has not affected our activities. Anyone in any part of the world can send his money to the Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate through these safe and sound channels.
Question: You mentioned the organizational setup of the Economic Commission and the procedure of collecting funds, now if you tell us about the spending procedure of this commission i.e. in which portions does the Economic Commission spends its funds?
Answer: The Economic Commission is the in-charge department for all the financial affairs of the Islamic Emirate. The area of its work and expenditure is quite wide and large. We spend the funds mostly in the following portions:

  • The Military Commission of the Islamic Emirate. All the needs and requirements of Jihadi activities in all parts of Afghanistan are fulfilled through this commission.
  • Civilian Commissions of the Islamic Emirate which comprise of Cultural Commission, Educational Commission, Invitation and Absorption Commission etc. All these commissions need heavy expenditures.
  • Health Commission which is responsible for the treatment and looking after all the wounded persons. A large amount of fund goes to this commission.
  • Similarly, support and sponsorship of orphans, assistance and treatment of prisoners (assistance in release and treatment after release) assistance and sponsorship of those who are disabled in the war, these are the main portions which are financially supported by the Economic Commission of the Islamic Emirate.

Question: As the head of the Economic Commission of the Islamic Emirate, if you tell us the sources of this commission i.e. what are the present financial resources of this commission?
Answer: The economy of the Islamic Emirate is based upon the financial support the Muslim masses of Afghanistan in particular and the world Muslim community in general. By the grace of Allah Almighty, the Islamic Emirate has managed to get special place and reverence in the hearts of the common people throughout the Muslim world through its prolonged, transparent determination and steadfastness. Not only the people of Afghanistan and her neighboring countries but also the ordinary Muslim masses of the Muslim countries of the world including the Arab countries have a deep longing for a pure Islamic government for several years. The implementation of Islamic Sharia, true Jihad against a tyrant and Islamic System of life are their aspirations. They have special reverence for the Islamic Emirate due to the above mentioned objectives.
For the further clarification of the topic, I would like to add something more in this regard.
You might have heard the propaganda of the enemy that some particular governments or setups are financially supporting the Islamic Emirate and Mujahidin are sustaining their Jihad through this financial support. But if we become a bit attentive, we find that the current Jihad inside Afghanistan is expensive and protracted war from the financial point of view. Even the American economy has failed in its further sustainability. It has weakened and crippled other economically well-off governments of the world. But, by the grace of Allah Almighty, no signs of weakness or financial deficit can be seen on Mujahidin’s side. The main reason behind this fact is that the economy of the Islamic Emirate is not dependant or co-related with some particular country or system. Neither the backward or developing countries of the region are in a position to support or shoulder this kind of protracted war from economic point of view. The economy of the Islamic Emirate is actually backed by the donations and collections of the one and half billion Muslims of the world who are very sincere and committed people and they even share their morsel with Mujahidin. They rely upon the one half and send the other half to assist Mujahidin.
Apart from Afghanistan, we have such examples of sacrifices of financial Jihad which remind us the incidents of our glorious past and the beginning of the Islamic era. Even today, a large number of Muslims endow a substantial portion of their economy for Jihad and Mujahidin. Particularly the women folk of the Muslim Ummah are playing a vital role in the financial Jihad. Here, I would like to furnish one or two examples so that you realize sincerity of the common Muslims of the world who donate their share in the financial Jihad.
A Muslim brother, who identity will not be disclosed, suddenly came up with a large amount of money as aid for Mujahidin. When he was asked about it, he said that someone briefed him about the financial needs and requirements of Mujahidin but I did not have enough money to support them. The requirements of Mujahidin and my insufficiency badly affected me. When I entered my home in this condition, my spouse apprehended my gloominess and asked me the reason for it. I hold her that Mujahidin are in dearth need of money which made me gloomy. At this time when she came to know about the prevailing condition of Mujahidin, she got up and fetched her necklace which was fully made of precious gold and she used to keep it with great care and attention. She told me that she wanted to give this necklace as endowment in the path of Allah. She asked me to sell it in the market and whatever you get in its return, send it to Mujahidin so that they could fulfill their requirements with it.
Similarly, I am the personal witness of another incident. We were sitting with some economically well-off people in a far flung area. We were there to collect their aids for Mujahidin. The owner of the place, where we were sitting, was digging a well with the help of some laborers. Amongst them was a white-bearded worker who was getting a small paycheck amounting to only 2000 rupees. He came out of the well in a totally exhausted condition. He came near us while he was tired and wet. When he realized that we are the members of the economic commission and collecting money for Jihad, he told his master or owner of the place that wanted to give his wages of 2000 in the path of Allah. He asked the master to hand his wages to us in advance so that we could spend it the path of Jihad for the sake of Allah.
These donations which are made by our Muslim brothers and sisters with great sincerity, secrecy and only for the sake of Allah’s pleasure are full of great blessings. Allah Almighty has made them a source for the sustainability of the Jihadi activities of the Islamic Emirate and you can see that due to the auspiciousness of these donations the most arrogant economy of the world has reached to the verge of collapse.
Question: The people who want to donate money in the path of Allah are mostly confused about where to spend it. For example they think whether they should help the needy people, or they should assist madrassas and mosques or they should spend it somewhere else. When they refer the issue to the religious scholars, they tell him to spend their donations in those parts where the need is urgent and it can be utilized in the more beneficial way. What do say in this regard?
Answer: It is a fact that today the Muslims of the world are caught up in an awful situation. They are in need of financial support in all walks of life. In my opinion, the main point is that the endowment should be spent in an appropriate place i.e. where it could meet the needs and requirements of the needy and deserving people.
The portion that we spend the collected money in, are those empty-handed and sincere Mujahidin who have their lives for the sake of the righteous religion of Allah. They fight against the tyrant, arrogant and most powerful power of the world which has built-up the colossal infidel alliance of the most power economies of the world. Mujahidin have remained sincere to the true religion of Allah and they are fighting against them. They (the Mujahidin) are facing tough circumstances from economic point of view. You can think about the high prices of weapons and artillery. The price of one bullet of PKM machinegun is approximately Rs. 30, one RPG rocket today costs Rs. 5000. One heavy machine gun can be had for Rs. 500,000. From these few examples, you can judge the high expenditure of war due to the number of bullets and artillery spent by the Mujahidin against the enemies of our creed and country on the daily basis.
Similarly, we have tens of thousands of orphan because of the sacrifices of their patrons who have been martyred. The members of the Economic Commission have collected the lists of orphans from various villages and areas of the country and now the sponsorship and care of these orphans has become the responsibility of the Islamic Emirate. The fathers of these orphans have sacrificed their lives not in a personal dispute but for the sake of Islam and Jihad. Now their bereaved sons and widows have no other alternative sources for sustaining their lives. They are looking forward to the Islamic Emirate for meeting their needs and requirements.
Moreover, thousands of our Mujahidin have been imprisoned in the enemy’s jails. We provide them help even when they are inside the jails. When they are released, again we extend our supportive hand to them for their treatment because most of them suffer from various ailments due to the untoward conditions of the prisons. In the same way we provide treatment to the wounded and crippled ones who are injured in the path of Jihad. Some of the disabled people can no longer work, in that case we support him and provide him a specific amount for his everyday livelihood. In addition, we support and help those Mujahidin on extraordinary basis who do not have any other resource.
If you think about the above mentioned list of the people whom we support, whether they are Mujahidin, wounded ones, disables ones, orphans and widows, all of them are needy, helpless and deserving people who have sacrificed their peaceful lives for upholding the word of Allah. They have sacrificed their lives, properties, their body parts and beloved relatives. In my opinion, all the Muslim people might be bearing the responsibility to extend a helping hand to them and if they do so, I am sure that Allah Almighty will reward them as they might have fully participated in the on-going holy Jihad.
Question: At the end, as the head of the ‘Economic Commission’ of the Islamic Emirate, if you any message to convey to the Muslim masses, please do share it with us.
Answer: You asked me to give a message to our Muslim brothers. I would like to say that I don’t have any personal or private message for them. As a head of an office which bears the responsibility of looking after and sponsorship of hundreds of thousands of Mujahidin, the disabled, wounded persons, prisoners, orphans, widows and the needy people, I would like to remind our Muslim Ummah the message of Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him) i.e. what Allah says about spending in His path and what are obligations of the Muslims in these kinds of circumstances.
Allah Almighty has repeatedly mentioned in His Book, the Holy Quran and has ordered the Muslims that they should do Jihad with their money or finance as they do Jihad with their own bodies. Even in some places, Jihad with ones finance is given priority to Jihad with oneself. As He says in His Holy Book: انْفِرُوا خِفَافًا وَثِقَالاً وَجَاهِدُوا بِأَمْوَالِكُمْ وَأَنْفُسِكُمْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ ذَلِكُمْ خَيْرٌ لَكُمْ إِنْ كُنْتُمْ تَعْلَمُونَ
Translation: “Go forth, light or heavy, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the cause of ALLAH. That is best for you, if only you knew.”
The scholars say that the reason of giving priority to financial Jihad over bodily Jihad is that most of the people have a deep love or longing for money and it is a rule that the donation of the most beloved thing brings the highest blessings. Secondly, most of the time, Mujahidin are in greater need of financial resources and they feel scarcity for it. Just because of this need and scarcity, Allah Almighty has ordered the people first to come forward with their financial resources in His path. As we mentioned earlier that nowadays, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate are facing a variety of difficulties, hurdles and pressures, therefore financial Jihad has become the need of the hour. Therefore it is the duty of every well-off Muslim to spend a portion of his money for the elevation of the Word of Allah.
There are so many verses of the Holy Quran and sayings of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) that it would be a bit difficult to mention all of them here but some of them are as follow: Allah Almighty says:

 يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آَمَنُوا هَلْ أَدُلُّكُمْ عَلَى تِجَارَةٍ تُنْجِيكُمْ مِنْ عَذَابٍ أَلِيمٍ تُؤْمِنُونَ بِاللَّهِ وَرَسُولِهِ وَتُجَاهِدُونَ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ بِأَمْوَالِكُمْ وَأَنْفُسِكُمْ ذَلِكُمْ خَيْرٌ لَكُمْ إِنْ كُنْتُمْ تَعْلَمُون – الصف

Translation: “O ye who believe! Shall I point out to you a commerce which will deliver you from a painful punishment?
That you believe in ALLAH and His Messenger and strive in the cause of ALLAH with your wealth and your persons. That is better for you, if you did but know.
In the same way, Allah Almighty says about the expenditure in His path that He will reward the one who has endowed his money, with so many fold greater blessings. He says:

 مَثَلُ الَّذِينَ يُنْفِقُونَ أَمْوَالَهُمْ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ كَمَثَلِ حَبَّةٍ أَنْبَتَتْ سَبْعَ سَنَابِلَ فِي كُلِّ سُنْبُلَةٍ مِئَةُ حَبَّةٍ وَاللَّهُ يُضَاعِفُ لِمَنْ يَشَاءُ وَاللَّهُ وَاسِعٌ عَلِيمٌ  – البقره

Translation: “The similitude of those who spend their wealth in the way of ALLAH is like the similitude of a grain of corn which grows seven ears; in each ear a hundred grains. And ALLAH multiplies it further for whomsoever HE pleases and ALLAH is Bountiful, All-Knowing.
Similarly, Our Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) has made financial Jihad as obligatory as bodily Jihad and vocal Jihad. He (peace be upon him) says in one of his traditions that whosoever equipped a Mujahid and fulfilled his needs for Jihad, in reality he has himself participated in the Jihad.
So I would like to convey to our Muslim brothers that the invasion of the western infidel trespassers is not a usual war between two countries. The westerners have themselves called it the clash of civilizations. They want to control and hold a strategic location in the heart of the whole Muslim world by subduing this Muslim state. Therefore as it is the clash of two different doctrines and creeds, it is the responsibility of every Muslim to support Mujahidin. The infidels are also collecting money from each and every corner of the world and are spending it in this war. They announce and collect donations on official level to meet the expenditure of this war. They get money from various donors and then spend it on their own soldiers as well as their internal stooges; the Muslims of the world should also realize their responsibilities. They should devote a portion of their wealth in the path of Allah so that they are bestowed with the blessings of participation in Jihad. If a person does not participate in any type of Jihad and even has no longing for it, he is called a hypocrite. As the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) says:

من مات ولم یغزو ولم یتحدث به نفسه مات علی شعبة من نفاق.

Translation: He who died in such a state that he has not participated in Jihad or has not felt for doing so, he died in a form of hypocrisy.
Therefore the Muslim brothers should come forward with their Islamic feelings and sympathy and should extend supportive hand to their Mujahidin, prisoners, orphans and all other helpless people.