New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's Mullā Muḥmmad ‘Umar: “Message Of Felicitation on the Occasion of ‘Īd al ‘Aḍḥā”


In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

Praise be to Allah, The Sustainer of the Worlds. Blessing and peace be on Mohammad, the Messenger of Allah, on his descendents, companions and those who like them and follow his guidance until the Day of Judgment.
Having said that, I would like to proceed:

I seek refuge in Allah from Satan, the Rejected One.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.

“They seek to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will complete His light, much as the disbelievers may dislike it.” (61:8) the Holy Quran.
Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest. There is no God except Allah. Allah is the greatest and Allah is the greatest. Praise be to Allah (swt).
(My) Believing Countrymen and all the Islamic Ummah!
Peace be on you and the Mercy of Allah and His blessing.
Before proceeding further, I would like to extend my (heart-felt) felicitation to you all on these auspicious days of the Eid-ul-odha. May Allah (SwT) accept in His Sight, the worships of all, in particular, the pilgrimage of the revered pilgrims, the sacrifices of the Mujahideen, the martyrdom of the martyrs, (the sufferings in) detention of the detainees and of the injured. I pray to Allah to give patience and reward to the families of the martyrs and, through His blessing, pave the way for release of the detainees and bestow fast recovery on the injured. May Allah favors (us) all with an Islamic system, prosperity and tranquility.
(My) Muslim Brothers:
We are celebrating these days of festivity of Eid-ul-Odha in a time that, at world’s level, the Islamic Ummah as well as our country are facing many problems. On the one hand, the invasions, machinations and brutal activities of the enemies are continuing against the Ummah, on the other hand, the diseases of internal frictions, aversions, dispersion, betrayal and entanglement in the cobwebs of the enemies have reached the very fabric of the body of the Ummah.
The auspicious and magnificent congregation of Hajj (pilgrimage) teaches (us) to throw away (the impression from) the misinformation of the enemies, any diabolical perceptions, baseless skepticism, tribal, lingual, geographical, ethnical, religious and other prejudices from our mind. Similarly, part ways with selfishness, pessimism and dissensions; show sympathy with each other under the very blessed motto of Islam and, by this way; solve all adversities and problems of the Ummah.   Let’s hold fast to Islam and seek the path of a real rescue on the basis of the instructions of Islam.
(My) Valiant and Devoted Mujahideen of the Path of Truth.
The might of the enemy has begun melting as a result of the help of Allah (SwT), your selfless sacrifices and the strong support of the people. If God willing, the moments of victory is coming ever near with the passage of each day. Celebrate these moments by rendering thanks to Allah (swt) and service to your people. Thus we’ll become eligible for more Divine blessing. My advice to all Mujahideen is to stand up to the enemy firmer than before; deal them a crashing blow and woo people to your side on an unprecedented manner, so that,   we will attain the lofty goal of liberation of the country and an all Afghans –inclusive Islamic system, consisting of qualified individuals—a system for which we have been waging the holy Jihad for years on.
Believing Afghans.
On the eve of Eid-ul-Odha of this year, I would like to share with you afew points about the current adversities in the country as follows. The invaders illegitimately shed blood of tens of thousands of Afghans during the past twelve years; put tens of thousands of them behind the bar and bombed cities, religious seminaries and mosques. They frequently perpetrated blasphemy against the sacrosanct of the Muslims, particularly, desecrated the Holy Quran. Moreover, they plundered vital mines of our country; slapped an incompetent and powerless administration on our people with its high-ranking rulers being regularly involved in corruption, embezzlement, land-grabbing, narcotics trafficking and production, rummage sale of forests, mines and historical relics.
These crimes are part and parcel of a precisely worked-out program of the invaders, by which, they want to pave the way for continuous presence and tangle the Afghans in a state of dearth and need. As to the field of culture, media and rearing,   they have also launched programs aimed at causing a spiritual collapse and notion aberrations of the people. Certain media outlets, with funding from   the invaders,   are focusing to impose the   non-veil and all mingling culture of the West on the Afghan people under the name of rights for women and youth and would like to alienate them from their Islamic principles and national culture;   to flare up tribal, geographical and lingual animosity among the people and erode their mutual unity. This is being done to make their presence here permanent and facile as well as the occupation.
The Kabul Administration and the invaders are not only bent on playing havoc with Afghanistan domestically,   but are marginalizing the country at regional and global level by signing colonial agreements and thus procure reasons for continuation of the war. Therefore, the invaders and their allies should understand that the strategic agreement will accompany grave consequences for them. Though they may get these documents rubberstamped by a fake Loya Jirga but it will not be acceptable to the Afghans. Throughout the history, the real representatives and Loya Jirgas of the country have never signed documents of slavery. So those who would sign this (document), could not be called a representative Loya Jirga of the country. Their decisions are not acceptable. The invaders should know that their limited bases will never be accepted. The current armed Jihad will continue against them with more momentum.
In order to fulfill our religious, national and humane responsibility, and ensure the survival of Afghanistan; maintain security of the region and the world; in order to obtain independence , honor and political liberty for the people; in order to catapult the people from this dangerous conditions , ( it is necessary that) the Afghans join hands with each other and make concerted efforts to put an end to the invasion, to all adversities, aversions and the shameful situation and pave way for establishment of an independent Afghan Islamic system .
The Afghan people could not be enticed by the ( current)   conspiracy of misleading people under the name of elections in the shade of the occupation in the country because, those figures are active in these elections who are catering only to personal interests and the interests of the invaders rather than the Islamic and national interests. Even some of them are trying to distort the very principles of the sacred religion of Islam in order to reach the corridor of power and to please the non-believers.
The people know that some foreign stooges are playing with their destiny. The votes of the people have no value in the elections nor will participation benefit. Therefore, the Islamic Emirate rejects these elections and urge the people to avoid participation in them because this is only a drama being played by the invaders to attain their goals.
As a principle, the Americans and their allies do not believe in elections. They commit themselves to the results of elections when their interests are ensured, but when   they are not, then they do deprive (human) societies of their elected governments. There are many examples on hand. However, the fresh and living example is that of the Egyptian elections. Every one saw what they did with the elected government. Thousands of Egyptian Muslims who were seeking to get their legitimate rights through peaceful ways were martyred, injured or detained. This process has been continuing while the advocates of democracy are watching!
Honor-loving Afghans!
Recently, the invaders and their allies have been making efforts to show that defense of the sovereignty of the Islamic country– the Jihad and resistance against the invaders — is an illegitimate act. This is to distract the attention of the world and (our) people from the occupation of the land of the Afghans and label the struggle against the occupation as a domestic war. Thus they are trying to hide the broad day light with their fingers. The Kabul Administration wants to put forward futile justifications for the direct military and multi-faceted invasion of 49 countries by convening phony conferences attended by some hangers-on figures. But the incumbents of these conferences must understand that, if God willing, the moments of victory of the Afghan people– i.e. the defeat of the invaders and establishment of an independent Islamic system– has reached with the help of Allah (Swat). That is why their futile and vain efforts will be of no avail.
Praise be to Allah, the Afghan Mujahid people are now aware of the realities. They will not fall prey to your machinations. Therefore, we call on all those who support the invaders or have joined their ranks but not deliberately, to disband their support like thousands of your fellows have done so far. The vast embrace of the Islamic Emirate is always open to you. Is it not rationale to side with your people where your death and life will become a symbol of pride for all, instead of losing your life in the ranks of the non-believers where you will relinquish your faith and the worldly life?
We call on our Mujahideen to use the good office of the religious scholars, tribal elders and notables to exhort soldiers of the military and police and the Arabakis to join the ranks of the people by abandoning the ranks of the invaders and participate in the historical honor of attaining independence of the country and establishing an Islamic system.
Believing Countrymen!
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan assures all Afghans that it strives for independence of the country and an all Afghans-inclusive Islamic system with a sovereign feature which will, as a fundamentals of its policy, cater to the prosperity of the people, the development and social justice and would dispense (government) posts to qualified people on merits; which will, meticulously, ensure rights of all people and maintain good relations with all countries of the region and the world, particularly, the neighbors in the light of mutual respect, Islamic principles and national interests; which will pay special attention to the infrastructure of the country, particularly, economy, industry and business. In short, a system which will work for spiritual and material uplift of the people and the country.
We have mandated the Political Office of the Islamic Emirate to maintain contacts with the world. If someone wherever, tend to open an office under the name of the Islamic Emirate, they will not represent the Islamic Emirate. Contact with none-representative individuals is a waste of time and would not benefit. Similarly, if someone rather than the official spokesmen of the Islamic Emirate and the responsible individuals of the Political Office, try to utter remarks about the policy of the Islamic Emirate or someone rather than the Political Office make contacts with the Opposition or any one expresses support for the elections under the name of the Islamic Emirate, they are not our representatives nor they have contact with us. These individuals turn to such acts only for self-reputation and material gains.
To end, I extend my heart-felt felicitation to all country men and the Islamic Ummah on the occasion of Eid-ul-Odha. I urge the wealthy brothers, not to forget (your) miserable and poor brothers, families of the martyrs and the detainees and the needy country men in your assistance and kind acts in this festivity and sacrifice of the Eid. Extend them a hand of cooperation as much as possible.
Mujahideen brothers should strengthen bond of nearness, good relations, kindness, love and service with their compassionate, honor-loving, Islam- loving and patriotic people. Strictly abide by the rules given to you.
Peace be on you all.

Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid

Servant of Islam


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