New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the Pre-Determined Decision of the Farce Loya Jirga in Kabul"

Just as we had said previously, the farce Loya Jirga was convened in Kabul by the stooge Karzai regime in order to protect American interests. All its participants were government employees or active American stipendiary, decisions were preordained, it did not recognize things such as creed, nation or interests and with its historical treachery, it clearly proved that these known faces are submissive to American decrees and ready for every kind of treason and dishonor all the while labeling such steps as national interests. Finally the participants of the sham Jirga, after a quick read, remarks, amendments and a few fake recommendations, approved the accord of slavery and clearly exhibited that it gives precedent to American presence so they can prolong their authority, the bazaar of interest and bribery as well as the ongoing process of administrative and ethical corruption for a few more days under the protective shadow of America which has provided the opportunity for all these crimes.
The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns such Jirgas and resolutions of slavery and declares that such illegal worthless agreements and promises by slaves will not benefit the aggressing Americans or their criminal stooges. Rather the wrath of the nation will become even stronger and the accords between a master and his slave will be discredited and remain futile just like the past documents of slavery in Afghanistan.
Our nation is not an orphaned nation whose destiny can be decided by a few treacherous and infamous faces all the while the nation is rolling in its own blood due to the brutality, cruelty, bombings, raids and oppression of the invaders.
In the recent past, the communists also repeatedly tried to abuse the revered Afghan custom of Jirga and councils in order to expiate themselves of historical crimes however everyone witnessed that when the time of trial and account of the nation began, none of those processes and ploys benefited. The heroic Afghan nation is still heroic and under no cost or concessions shall it back away from its Islamic stance and Afghan honor or put the noose of slavery around its neck. Such agreements will only increase the fervor of Jihad in the arteries of true Afghans and will strengthen their Jihadi ranks. Afghanistan shall truly become the graveyard of the international arrogance and not a ground for perpetual bases, Allah willing, and nothing is hard for Allah Almighty.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


03/09/1392         24/11/2013