New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Remarks Regarding Enemy Propaganda and False Reports About Assassination of Jihādī leaders"

There have been recent reports which indicate that several leaders of Islamic Emirate have been assassinated in the city of Quetta located in Baluchistan province of Pakistan regarding which we state the following:
A while back a former Jihadi commander of Zabul province, Noorullah, who was living the life of migration in the Pakistani city of Quetta was martyred in an assassination operation by unknown assailants. After the martyrdom of the said person, news outlets circulated rumors that a member of leadership council of Taliban had been killed. It must be stated that Noorullah was a Jihadi commander at the time of Jihad against the Soviet Union however he was not a member of Islamic Emirate’s leadership council.
Since the enemy is facing a certain defeat, its confidence is shaken and it is only left with baseless propaganda therefore it claims every person who surrenders or is killed is a Taliban Shura member and a close associate of Mullah Muhammad Umar Mujahid (may Allah protect him). The enemy in its delusionary state of mind even fails to comprehend how many Shura members the Taliban have that despite them being supposedly killed, detained and surrendering every day, they never seem to finish.
This statement in itself is sufficient proof of how unsubstantiated the false enemy propaganda is.
After the martyrdom of Commander Noorullah, the enemy once again spread rumors that 3 more Taliban commanders namely Mullah Abdul Malik, Mawlawi Muhammad Ismail and Mullah Saleem have been assassinated in Quetta city. This despite all of the mentioned personnel of Islamic Emirate being alive and actively busy in their Jihadi activities yet the enemy persists in fabrications which are strongly rejected by us.
It seems that some professional con artists have made it a habit of stealing large sums of money from the world most incompetent regime in Kabul led by Karzai. Before this, many con men cashed in money under the peace and integration program so perhaps some mercenaries could have begun their campaign of fraud and embezzlement by fabricating news of assassination of Mujahideen figures for the same purpose. The fact of the matter is the all of the said persons are still alive and busy in their Jihadi activities.
We must make it clear and reiterate our strong rejection of the enemy claims while labeling it as nothing more than mere baseless propaganda effort of the cowardly enemy spread through its media.
Meanwhile the oppressive occupying country of America declared the blacklisting of a Mujahid of Islamic Emirate named Qari Saifullah and the freezing of all his assets. This is yet another feeble and erratic step of the enemy which does not worry Mujahideen in the very least. We do not have any large scale trade relationships with any entity which could be affected nor any other interaction with America. The American goal with such meaningless step is only for propaganda purposes and a last ditch effort against Mujahideen which only shows their weakness despite such moves having failed in affecting the Jihadi ranks for the past decade.
The enemy must realize that such propaganda will not create any barrier for our Jihad. We are a nation prepared and used to martyrdom and imprisonment. So is it possible that we could be scared with false assassination rumors and imaginary embargoes?


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

09/03/ 1435 Hijri Lunar

20/10/1392 Hijri Solar                    10/01/2014 Gregorian