New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's Zabīhullah Mujāhid: "Remarks Regarding Demands by America"

After a series of recent attacks against foreign invaders in Afghanistan, the latest of which was a martyrdom operation inside Kabul targeting high ranking American and other foreign invaders in which tens where handed retributive justice for their actions, America was compelled to ask the Islamic Emirate to hold peace talks with the Kabul regime and lay down their arms, also stating that the American invaders are supposedly working for a better future of Afghanistan!!?? While failing to mention anything regards its own recent savagery in Siyah Gerd district!!!
We strongly reject the American demand. America wants to turn a blind eye from a manifest reality and conveniently skip over the primary reason for the problems of Afghanistan. The major factor which has been antagonizing our oppressed nation for the past twelve years is the American invasion and its resultant barbarity. America similarly wants to portray those of its nationals who are the enemies of our land and religion and are working for the aims of the occupation as the friends and rebuilders of our country.
If America truly wants peace and stability for Afghanistan then it should immediately withdraw all its forces from our land and leave the Afghans to their own wills and aspirations.
If America is adamant on war and occupation then it should wait for more deadly attacks. The Islamic Emirate has a responsibility towards its Lord (Allah), people and country and it shall not back away from any kind of sacrifice in the way of its fulfillment.
Until we have completely freed our country of the menace of occupation; until we have established an Islamic government in accordance with the desires of our nation in our country and until we have fulfilled the aspiration of our martyrs from our two great Jihads, do not hope for us to lay down our arms but instead work on changing the course of your own wrong policies and imperialist goals.


The spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

18/03/1435 Hijri Lunar

29/10/1392 Hijri Solar                    19/01/2014 Gregorian