New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's Zabīhullah Mujāhid: "Remarks Regarding the Killing of Children in the Serena Hotel"

Last Friday on 29/12/1392 Islamic Emirate’s valiant Mujahideen attacked Serena Hotel which is located in the heart of Kabul adjacent to the Arg (Presidential Palace).
In the attack numerous foreign and internal agents were killed for their crimes against the Afghan people. We say with regret that during this attack reports were published that a journalist along with his wife and two children were also killed. The Kabul administration, consistent with their habit, slurred the Islamic Emirate and accused them of the death of this family. The truth is that this killing is not the work of the Islamic Emirate. From the beginning the Islamic Emirate has based its campaign on the sublime principles of Islam including the protection of women and children from the trauma of war. The blessed religion of Islam prohibits the killing of women and children even in times of war. So on what basis would the Islamic Emirate condone, let along perpetuate the killing of women and children. If the Islamic Emirate wanted to perpetuate such actions there was absolutely no need to undertake such risks of attacking the well fortified Serena Hotel. In reality the targeting of civilians, women and children can be done in most public places. The truth is the foreign invaders and their puppets have themselves perpetuated this vile act so they can libel the Mujahideen. They knew that the attack had been undertaken by the Mujahideen therefore any acts inside will naturally be attributed to them.
During the past 13 years the people of Afghanistan have witnessed on innumerable occasions that whenever the foreigners are attacked, they retaliate by indiscriminately shooting and killing ordinary Afghans. We have seen in numerous instances that in such attacks they have killed civilians and even their own allies.
The Islamic Emirate is saddened by the killing of the journalist and his family while attributing these incriminate actions to the cowardly foreigner invaders and their puppets, mourns with the family of the deceased and prays for their patience and steadfastness in this difficult time. 

Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate

Zabiullah Mujahid

22/5/1435 Lunar Hijri

3/1/1393 Solar Hijri                         23/3/2014 Gregorian