New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Clarification Regarding the Resignation of Mullah 'Abd al-Qayyum Zakir, Head of the Military Commission"

The head of the Military Commission of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the respected Mullah Abdul Qayyum Zakir, resigned from the burdensome duties of the Military Commission because to his prolonged battle with ill health.
The respected Zakir Sahib who carried out an admirable service during his time is a trustworthy, veteran and dependable leader inside the Islamic Emirate and his resignation was accepted by the leadership in an atmosphere of joy after reviewing his situation and due to his repeated requests.
However the respected Zakir Sahib is a member of the Leadership Council of Islamic Emirate and is busy working in other important Jihadi works which are comparatively easier.
It must be mentioned that change, alteration, presenting and accepting resignations is a norm in the affairs of Islamic Emirate. Since some media outlets have published reports asserting that Zakir Sahib was the deputy of Amir ul Mumineen (Commander of the Faithful) and gave ambiguous interpretations for his resignation therefore we must clarify that Zakir Sahib has never been tasked the responsibility of the Deputy of Amir ul Mumineen but was the head of the Military Commission and his resignation was accepted due to his ill health and heavy workload. Wasalam

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

25/06/1435 Hijri Lunar

05/02/1393 Hijri Solar                    25/04/2014 Gregorian