New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Final Warning Regarding the Second Term of Elections"

Our countrymen know that on 14th June 2014, the conspiracy against Islam and our beloved homeland in the disguise of election is repeated. The Islamic Emirate deems it necessary to alert the people and warn them for the last time that they should not participate in this American process, deliberately or inadvertently.
You realize that this conspiracy is plotted by Americans. The history of the American invasions exhibits that they have always misused the public opinion by deceptions and temptations and eventually, they have imposed their own policies over the nations and have kept them under the yoke of their brutal occupation for years and years. The ultimate and sole outcome of this misleading process is the protraction of occupation and paving the road for the existence of foreign occupiers inside Afghanistan.
By holding elections, the Americans want to impose their own stooges on the people by deceiving them. You know that the candidates in the present elections are all those notorious figures who have supported the occupiers from the very beginning of the American invasion against their own religion, homeland and people. They left no stone unturned, mentally and practically, to protract the American occupation and explicitly reiterate that if empowered, they will sign the notorious agreement of enslaving our beloved homeland Afghanistan.
It is obvious that if their stooges are empowered, their masters will plot conspiracies and will impose them through their self carved puppets whatever they want to implement over the oppressed nation.
The Islamic Emirate regards these elections as one of the devil planning and is determined to halt this process by the support of Allah Almighty and backing of the nation as it has cut short numerous American conspiracies in the previous 13 years holy Jihad against the brutal foreign occupiers.
We once again call upon the people not to participate, even inadvertently, in forthcoming election drama of 14th June. They should completely reject it as they have done in the past. If they do not follow the instructions and demands of the Islamic Emirate and do participate in the elections, they will be held responsible for all the unpleasant consequences come what might, because following the infidels’ plans is a kind of directly supporting them and participation in this untoward process is considered a felony according to the sacred religion of Islam.
The Islamic Emirate calls upon all the devoted Mujahidin throughout the country to carry out their assaults in a well-organized manner according to the prescribed planning. They should circumspectly detect all the polling stations and should bring them under decisive attacks.
O Mujahidin! You should bring the foreign occupiers, the mercenary forces of stooge Kabul admin, the centers of police and Arbaki forces, their check-posts and convoys and should continue your assaults and blasts nonstop for 24 hours on the elections day so that the enemy is paralyzed and this process is aborted.
With Regards,
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan